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It wouldn’t be Christmas without a poinsettia or two.  These beautiful flowers fill the season with color, beauty and always remind me of Christmas.  I had to include one in our stocking quilt!

Block ten is a simple block, but sometimes it’s good to have simple!  You should be able to finish this one quickly.  Don’t worry if your points don’t meet in the center in absolute perfection because you’ll be sewing 3 buttons to the center after your quilting is complete.

Block Ten

Here’s block ten in my Sugar Plum Christmas fabric.  This was actually the first block I designed for this quilt.  It wasn’t until I had all the blocks finished that I decided where they would be placed in the quilt.  If you’re using a different fabric than me, I suggest laying your blocks out on a design wall or floor.  Use the stocking fabric as your placement guide because it’s the dominant piece in each block.  When you’re happy with the placement, snap a picture.  The picture will help you to see if any of your blocks need to be moved.

And here is block ten in our quilt! Only two more blocks to go!

I hope you find some time this weekend to make block ten!


Cottontail Cottage, Part Three

There are so many fun fabrics in Cottontail Cottage, and these tiny checks are just a few of them. They come in six colors and are printed on the bias, making those quilt bindings simple to cut. You’ll get that bias look without the excess yardage. We’ll be making fat quarter and half-yard bundles of these checks as soon as the fabric arrives in January.

Or, maybe you’d prefer a combination of florals and checks. The Cottontail Cottage floral is one of my favorite fabrics in the line. Just look at it next to the checks! I can picture my grand-daughters Lily & Maya wearing dresses made from these fabrics!

If you happen to be a polka dot lover, we’ll have bundles of Cottontail Cottage dots for you too!

Maybe you’d like to pre-order a fat quarter bundle of Cottontail Cottage!  Then you’ll have it all…a fat quarter of every fabric in Cottontail Cottage!  We’re taking pre-orders for the fat quarter bundles, on my website now.

Introducing Bunny Hill Mini Quilts

The first in a series, these Bunny Hill Minis are easy, quick, and the perfect introduction to applique.  The best surprise is that these mini patterns are priced at just $6.99 each!   The patterns will be available around the end of October and the fabric ships in January!  I’ll be sure and let you know when they are ready!  Here’s the first four of our Bunny Hill Mini series…

Egg Roll

“Egg Roll” is such a silly, fun name but it fits the pattern don’t you think?  It’s an Easter egg on wheels! This 15½” x 18½” little quilt is charm pack friendly. It’s also easy for shops to make kits.  I’m trying to decide on which of our four little minis we should kit here at Bunny Hill!

Spring Break

This was a hard one to name because all I could think of was “Segways.”  Segway might object to me using their trademarked name so I finally came up Spring Break.  Imagine that it’s Spring Break, and the bunnies are ready for some fun. It’s sure to be a beautiful day when you’re pulled along by a little chick! This 17½” x 18½” mini quilt is charm pack friendly.

Jelly Beans

Are you a lamb lover like me?  If you are, I’ve got a stack of them for you!  Their bodies reminded me of Jelly Beans and thus the name.   This little mini is only 11½” x 16″ and it’s perfect for beginning applique.


Hip & Hop

Hip & Hop packs a lot of cute for a tiny 12½” x 12½” quilt. It’s the perfect way to brighten up someone’s day. Make it for a friend and then make another for yourself!


Introducing our newest petite pattern, Chickie!

Make one chick for that special Easter basket, or make a dozen for the center of your table. Chickie is “sew” easy! Her wings are adjustable making her able to sit on her own. Imagine a row of these chicks cascading down the center of your table!  I’m sewing up a bunch of Chickie’s this weekend so I can show you how cute they look in the different Cottontail Cottage fabrics!  If you’re out and about and happen to see some orange wool or wool felt, be sure and get a piece so you’ll be ready to make Chickie’s beak.

I’ll be back on Friday!



Birds and berries go together and for block nine we’ve included both…a combination of our Christmas bird and Christmas berries!

Block Nine

 Here’s block nine in our Sugar Plum Christmas fabric!

Look how close we are getting to the end of this quilt!  After today, we only have 3 more blocks to go!

I can’t believe we’ve come this far.  Don’t worry if you haven’t kept up.  There’s still plenty of time to finish and if you can’t finish this year, put it on your schedule for next year.  I’ll be back next week with block number ten.



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