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The Splendid Sampler Block 25

Welcome to Bunny Hill and block #25 of The Splendid Sampler!  If you’re joining me today, we are officially 1/4 of the way through this beautiful quilt! Can you believe it?  If for any reason you haven’t started this sampler quilt yet, there’s still plenty of time!  If you haven’t even heard about it, you can find the story here.


It should come as no surprise that the Bunny Hill block would feature a bunny!  Sometimes I just can’t help myself. :)

The Bunny Block

Moda sent me this assortment of beautiful fabrics to use for my block and I loved them from the minute I opened the package. The brown stripe became the bunny and Sunday Best was born!   Here’s a suggestion when choosing fabrics for your block: Pick the larger pieces first, lay them out on the background fabric, step about 3 feet away and see how they look. You’ll know if one isn’t right.  I tried three different backgrounds before I selected the one you see.  Sometimes I snap a picture on my phone so I can look from a different view.

Bunny Fabrics

Aurifil sent along 12wt thread to use for the embroidery, and I fell in love with this thread.  It has a sheen that contrasts beautifully with the fabrics, it stitches like a dream and gives it the embroidery a beautiful look.  I used a size 24 Chenille needle and it worked perfectly for this heavier thread.  A size 24 Chenille needle is easy to thread and yet small enough for tiny embroidery.  Now I’m dreaming of buying all the colors of Aurifil 12wt thread, I liked it that much!

Pattern & Fusible Applique

If you’re new to applique, fusible is the easiest method and the one I recommend.  You’ll find the pattern for my Sunday Best block on The Splendid Sampler.  To make it easier for you, we’ve provided two patterns, one with the templates reversed for fusible applique, and one with the templates not reversed for Spray Starch and Needle-turn applique.  If you’d like to try fusible applique, Pat Sloan has a wonderful new book that will teach you everything you need to know.  You’ll find the book on Pat’s website, just click on the photo below.

Teach Me To Applique

Spray Starch or Needle-turn Applique

I love the spray starch method of applique and this is the method I use most often. I find the prep work relaxing and I get the advantage of seeing my entire block together, before I sew anything down.  It also leads right into machine applique if you’re in a hurry to finish.   You’ll find a tutorial for both Spray Starch Applique and Machine Applique on the tutorial page at the top of my blog.

Bunny Templates

Applique Tips 

I’ve thought of a few assorted tips that might help with your applique!

Place the applique templates on the bias grain of the fabric when you can. The bias allows the fabric to stretch around the applique curves.  If you’re fussy cutting a fabric (like I did with the brown stripe), don’t worry about the grain.

Cut any templates or straight edge applique fabrics, with a ruler and a small rotary cutter.  I have a rotary cutter designated just for paper. For example, the bottom of the bunny and the most of the ground template above could be cut with a rotary cutter.

Use a large emery board to smooth the edges of the freezer paper after you cut out the templates.  The smoother you get your template, the better your applique will look if you’re using the spray starch method.

Assemble your block right on top of pattern.  Place the pattern over a light box if you have one and follow the numbers for placement.


I love this quilt so much I’ve been working on one for myself.  I still have some catching up to do (I’m about 5 blocks behind), but sharing this process with all of you is so much fun.  My own version is going in the shabby chic direction with soft colors.  Here’s my “shabby” bunny block I just finished.  I used the Aurifil 12wt for the embroidery on this block too.

Shabby Bunny

I can’t wait to see what you do with this block.   Remember the bunny doesn’t have to be brown and the ground doesn’t have to be green.  Go wild with your fabrics and have fun.  Welcome to the world of applique!

Anne Sutton

How to Make a Ruffled Table Runner

I’m celebrating the month of May and all that it brings to each of us, with a new free pattern from Bunny Hill!  I’ll show you how easy it is to make a reversible table runner with a beautiful ruffle on each end.  Simplicity is what I’ve named the pattern because it really is simplicity at its best.  Just think of all the fabrics you can use to make this, season after season!  I’ve used Brenda Riddle’s gorgeous floral and check linen and I love the way it turned out.

Simplicity Table Runner


With floral linen on one side, and a check linen on the other, I’ll have both a formal look and a more casual look when I need it.  Because the linen is a bit heavier than cotton, I used a pearl cotton to gather the ruffle.  My free pattern includes directions for gathering with pearl cotton, or a heavy-duty thread.  Just click on the link below for the free pattern!

Simplicity Table Runner Instructions

Of course I’ve made up some table runner kits using Brenda’s linen.  I couldn’t resist!  You’ll find them on our website!

Table runner kits

I’ll be back on Sunday to share my Splendid Sampler block with you!  Hope you’ll join me!


Spooky Delights Quilt Along

Are you ready for the fun stuff this week?  It’s time for some sewing with Spooky Delights featured on the Jolly Jabber Blog today.  You may have to scroll down but yes, you’ll find the next part of the pattern for the table runner I designed.  You can stitch to your heart’s content.  Should be just enough sewing to get you through the week and then by next Monday, Kimberly will be back with the border instructions.

Be sure and follow the group of bloggers who are making this runner.  They’ll be done with their versions before you know it.  Follow along and you could be too!  Think how great it will feel to have a Halloween project completed before the end of May!

Fat Quarter Shop’s put some more kits together.  You can find them here, but be sure and order one today.  I don’t expect them to last long.

Speaking of some Spooky Delights fun, starting on May 5th I’ll have some scrap bags of Spooky Delights on my website for you.

Bags of scraps

Moda sends us scraps and we bag them up.  Scraps like you’ve never seen before, these are the end cuts of sample yardage used for the sales reps cards.  Some pieces are large and others are narrow, it just depends on where the fabric fell in the cutting machine.   Each bag contains 2 lbs. of Spooky Delights scraps.  I’ve limited the bags to one per person because we’ve only got 19 bags.  That’s 38 lbs of scraps we’ve bagged up!  I’m giving you, my blog readers, fair warning especially if you live in California and don’t get up before the New York early birds.

Get up early on the 5th and order one!  I’ll be up with you because that’s my favorite time of day to work.  You’re hearing about it first on my blog! You’ll find the scrap bags under Fabric/Bundles

When I design a fabric line I keep at least two or more bundles from each line I design. The bundles are adding up quickly and I’m running out of room.  I’ve decided to be happy keeping just one bundle of each line for myself.  I’ve added my extra bundles for sale on my website starting  May 5th.  Lily & Will, Lily & Will II, Ooh La La, Jubilee, etc. and you’ll find them under Fabric/Bundles along with the scrap bags.

I’m clearing out clutter and getting rid of things I don’t need.  I’ve been inspired by two books, “Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter” by Erin Rooney Doland, and “Make Room For What You Love” by Melissa Michaels.   Melissa has a blog hop starting today that looks really great.  Hop on over to The Inspired Room for a visit!   I followed one of her suggestions and cleared everything off my sewing desk this weekend.  Then I put it back together, starting of course with the sewing machine.   Now I have to use it to see if it’s comfortable.  I’m keeping the gummy bear jar and you can see the tip of my light box on the far right.  Not willing to give either of those up.  There’s a long box behind the sewing machine that I bought back from my trip to Wisconsin.  I may have to think up some clever things to keep in it, like jars of extra bobbins etc.  Of course I’d have to find the perfect jars and that would mean bringing in some more clutter.  Hmm…what to do?

Clean desk


Now that I’ve given you enough to keep busy this week, I’ll be working on my newsletter for May 5th and getting ready for my Sunday, May 8th Splendid Sampler post!  It’s time for an applique block from Bunny Hill!

Chelsea’s over on my Facebook feed this morning telling everyone what she think about a diet.  Don’t let her talk you into any cat treats.  That’s what she’s begging for.

Back soon!


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