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After an 11 hour flight from Germany today, this little snow bunny named Maya and her sister Lily, will be in California with me!

Maya in the snow

They’ve been teasing me with pictures like this…

Maya and Lily

I can hardly wait!  They arrive this evening and after a long flight, going through customs, getting luggage etc. they may not think California is so great.  For the next few days jet lag will take over, but once we get past that, I have days of fun planned.  For the next week our weather will be in the 70’s with only a few days of rain in-between.   Best of all, the Easter Bunny is coming to my house this year!

I’ve been doing a little sewing for them, and I’ve made the cutest dolls from the Moda panels designed by Stacy Hsu.  They were so much fun to make and the directions on the panels are great.  Here’s Lil’ Red, the first panel Stacy did for Moda.


Lil’ Red visits Bunny Hill!

And here’s Coral, the little mermaid doll that’s coming soon from Moda and Stacy.  Of course I made two little mermaids, one for each of my girls.  The fins slip off and the doll has legs, and a skirt.  She can magically become a mermaid for a while and when she’s done doing mermaid things, she’s back to being a little girl.

Coral the MermaidI loved making these little dolls so much, that I’ve ordered the panels to sell on my website.  They’ll be available sometime in April.  I’ll try to remember to show you how easy it is to turn the narrow waistband right side out, using a drinking straw.  It’s a trick from my doll making days.

I’ll be back to show you more of my Splendid Sampler blocks after my family leaves on the 6th.  I HATE saying goodbye, so it will take me a few days to recover.  Maybe sewing a few more sampler blocks will help.

Have a great “Spring” break and a wonderful holiday!

Back soon,


Have you seen the activity over at The Splendid Sampler Website?  It’s amazing to see all the blocks coming in!  Many have been adding their own touch to the blocks, and so many looks are created just from the fabrics alone!  You still have time to get started and remember this isn’t a race to the finish line.  The Splendid Sampler goes on for an entire year and during that time life is going to get in the way.

I sent my newest fabric line off to Moda and then took Saturday to start on my sampler blocks. Once I started sewing I was hooked.  The blocks are so different, and many feature techniques I haven’t used in years.   I’m looking at this as a learning experience, a chance to brush up on my skills and a chance to enjoy the act of sewing for myself.

Choosing my fabrics was great fun.  I’ve had a sampler quilt in my mind for the longest time, just waiting for a group to come along that I could join.  I want a soft, shabby chic look and in the end I want a quilt I can display on a large wall as a focal point in my home.  I have a several charm packs and layer cakes of Printemps by 3 Sisters so I started with those.  Then I added a bundle of Whitewashed Cottage, favorites from the Durham collections, and some of Renee Nanneman’s fabrics.

Sampler Fabrics

Splendid Sampler fabric

 Just look at Renee’s Bee fabric!  Don’t you love it?  The background has the softest tinge of pink, just enough to give it that vintage look.   And if you look at her Wickerweave fabric peeking out of the very top, you’ll find that I’m using it as a basic throughout my quilt.  You can see it in block one, “Hearts Aflutter” below.

Hearts Aflutter

My heart definitely took wings when I made block two.  I pieced the half-square triangles using triangle paper and Printemps helped me add a bit of a sassy look with its subtle red color.  I’ve decided not to add the butterfly embroidery now.  I may go back and add it later.


Melissa Corey’s Block Three I fell in love with, but I have to admit I made it three times.  If you hop over to her blog, she gives some tips on constructing this block that will help.  After 3 attempts, I ended up pressing all the seams open and here’s my final block selection:

Lots of love block three

Today is another full day of sewing for me.  I’m going to applique Jen Kingwell’s darling flower vase block, and then I’m working on something that I’ll show you later this week.  It’s for my special grand-daughters who will be visiting me from Germany in just 3 short weeks!

Tell me if you’re attempting to make this sampler quilt and how your progress is coming along.  Are you enjoying this as much as I am?

Have a great day!


If I handed you 100 free block patterns and told you that they would become a precious gift if you made them, would you pick your most treasured fabrics?  Would you treat each block as if were something you’d be handing down to your family?  Would you do your very best sewing and enjoy every moment?  Would you schedule time every week for a year to finish this precious gift?

Start picking your best fabrics (the fabrics that touch your heart when you look at them) and get ready for the gift of the year from Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson!  These two designers are giving the quilting community 100 free quilt blocks, throughout 2016 and into 2017.  You’ll meet 83 designers who have each designed a block, and you’ll learn new techniques along the way.  This is something you don’t want to miss!  You can read all about it on The Splendid Sampler website.  Click on the “about” link at the top of the Splendid Sampler page, and information will come your way!


In case you think I’ve forgotten to announce the winners of the All in a Row book, rest assured I haven’t!  I’ve listed the winners below.  If you already have the book, turn to page 65 and check out Janet Clare’s Bunny Playdate.  When I saw this row, my heart melted and I was ready for a play-date!  Janet has a method of making adjustable templates so you can position your applique bunny in different ways.  She uses brads and card-stock! Find some pretty card-stock for these bunnies, and use the templates to decorate a wall or use as gift tags.  Janet’s a cover girl on the book and you can see her row second from the top.

All in a Row

If your name and comment are listed below, email me your address because you’ve won a copy of this book!

Rose Marie Andreozzi who wrote:

“I LOVE row quilts and yours are wonderful! I think the red and white sand pails are perfect for summer and the snowmen are so cute! I think I’ll have to buy this book if I don’t win! Too cute for words!”

Diane who wrote:

“I just love what you did with that row–how cute–and I love red fabric so that is a win win project–
thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book–
love and laughter, di”

You may not have won a book today, but we’re all winners thanks to Moda, Martingale, Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson!

Thank you for entering my giveaway and congratulations to the winners.


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