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When Aurifil introduced their new 80wt. thread for applique, Kimberly (Fat Quarter Shop) and I, decided it was a great time to bring you some applique fun using this wonderful thread!  Over the next few months The Jolly Jabber blog will be featuring posts on applique, every other Thursday, starting today!  I designed 6 applique blocks for this series and The Fat Quarter Shop will have them for free!  They’ll include one of the patterns with each of the applique blog posts!  Each block can be framed, or you can simply add a border and use it as a mni quilt.  They are great practice blocks to keep up your applique skills, and maybe along the way you’ll develop some new ones.  You’ll find the first applique block on the Jolly Jabber blog starting today!  It’s called Hearts & Flowers and it’s the perfect block to make for Valentines Day.  (In case you missed their blog post, I’ve included the pattern here):  hearts-flowers



We selected Brenda Riddle’s beautiful Fleurs fabric from Moda for this block.  I used the needle-turn method of applique to give the applique a soft rounded look.  I selected Fat Quarter Shop’s Whisper Collection of 80wt. thread to go with this fabric.  If you’re anything like me and love the soft, shabby colors of this fabric, then this is the perfect thread pack to have on hand.  I love this new 80wt. thread from Aurifil!

Whisper Collection

To make applique a little easier, you need the right tools, and Fat Quarter Shop has put together the perfect Applique Basics Box!  I helped select these tools, so I’m really excited about this box. This makes the perfect gift for Christmas!  Do you see that coupon at the bottom of the picture?  It’s included in the box, and it gives you 20% off the Applique 80wt. thread kits at The Fat Quarter Shop. Also included in the Applique Basics Kit, is a spool of Aurifil 80wt thread for you to try!  I think you’ll want to buy more thread once you try it!


Hop on over to The Jolly Jabber blog to get your first free applique pattern, Hearts & Flowers.  Happy applique from Bunny Hill and The Fat Quarter Shop!



I love Glitter Houses, and I’ve collected many throughout the years.  I have a vintage collection mixed in with new, and my Christmas decorating always centers around these houses.  My newest fabric line, Sugar Plum Christmas, has a soft side that you can see when you combine the pink, gray, and ivory fabrics. These are the fabrics I used to create Glitter Houses, one of my new quilts.  In shades of pink and gray it’s going to be a shabby chic, pink Christmas! I’ve embellished Glitter Houses with crystals and pearls that sparkle with highlights when reflected in the light.  If you love pink and grey as much as I do, you’ll have so much fun making Glitter Houses!


Some of you may not realize it, but in order to meet Moda’s deadlines, I work from a digital file that I create before the actual quilt.  Once the sample yardage arrives, we work like crazy to make the quilt in time for Quilt Market.  Glitter Houses will be back from market soon, and then I’ll send it to my photographer Gregory Case for an actual photo.  Until then, I hope you enjoy my digital creation below.


You can embellish Glitter Houses with your own collection of crystals, beads and pearls.  Start collecting these now because the stores are stocked with holiday sparkles this time of year.  I used Swarovski crystals and pearls, but you can use any that catch your eye.  If you keep them around 3mm to 4mm in size they’ll be perfect.  We’ll have the Cosmo Metallic Thread that I used to embroider the snowflakes on this quilt, on our website soon.  The pattern will be available in January and the fabric ships to quilt shops in April.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

I’ve been to Quilt Market and back!  Now it’s time to show you Sugar Plum Christmas from Bunny Hill and Moda!  With fabric colors like Candy Cane Red, Sugar Plum Pink, Icicle White, Gingerbread Brown, Gumdrop Green and Mouse Grey, Christmas will be fun next year!  Sugar Plum Christmas is my newest fabric line and it ships to stores in April of 2017.



I’ve been busy making candy canes, gingerbread cookies, wrapping presents and decorating trees.  All so a little mouse named Maya could have a place to call home!




Maya is the main character in my newest block of the month called The Christmas Mouse!  She loves Christmas and you’ll find her throughout the quilt.  You can make your own Maya Christmas ornament using my newest petite pattern, Maya Mouse!


The Christmas Mouse will be offered as a Moda kit or a block of the month!


I’ll have more pictures for you as soon as the quilt travels to my photographer, Gregory Case!  Then you’ll be able to see more of the beautiful quilting done by Becky Hubel, my wonderful quilter!



To make this quilt even more fun, Aurifil is offering a Sugar Plum Christmas thread kit with the new 80 wt. thread for applique!  The thread kit includes the 80 wt. applique thread and 3 spools of Aurifloss embroidery thread.  It’s applique heaven with the new 80 wt. thread, so get ready for some fun stitching.

Sugar Plum Christmas Aurifil Thread Kit

Of course there’s an embellishment kit with everything you need to finish the quilt!  Patterns will be on our website in December or January.  I’ll let you know when they are available.  I’ll be back soon to show you what you can make using the grey and pinks from Sugar Plum Christmas!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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