Moda started shipping Kindred Spirits last Friday!  You’ll be able to find it in quilt shops by next week.  When Moda says shipping in August they really mean it.  UPS trucks are carrying United Notion boxes all over the country filled with Kindred Spirit fabric.  Hey UPS guys, the heavier the box, the more Kindred Spirit fabric inside…it’s a good thing!  Stack up those boxes on your dolly and roll them right in.

Kindred Spirits Fabrics

As soon as I heard Kindred Spirits had shipped, I started tracking the boxes coming to Bunny Hill.  I can’t believe it!  I leave for Wisconsin on Wednesday for a week of sewing fun with friends, and UPS delivers my fabric on Thursday.  I’ll actually miss the excitement!  I’ll have to leave the fun of opening those boxes and organizing the fabric to my assistant Sue, and my husband Ross.   Don’t worry, they are very good at it and we’ll be shipping your pre-orders very soon.

Have a great week everyone! Make time for some sewing.



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