Last October I purchased two live orchids from Pottery Barn.  I ordered two plants, thinking it would increase my chance of success.  The plants bloomed for almost two months and I was thrilled, but of course eventually the blooms died and I was left with two plants to care for.  The Pottery Barn website gives detailed instructions on how to care for your orchids, and I was surprised to read that the best care is a bit of neglect.  “Water: Water lightly every 20–30 days, if needed. Best if allowed to almost dry out between watering. Check the medium with your finger; if you feel moisture, do not water. ”

I walked past these plants many times with water, but I didn’t give into the urge to saturate their little roots.  It was hard to ignore these plants and I had to keep telling myself “do not water”.  When I finally watered them I limited it to one cup for each.  Never in a million years did I think they would re-bloom, but look at my orchids now!

New Orchid Blooms

Both plants have double stems filled with flowers!  If you love orchids but don’t have good luck with them, try following the instructions from Pottery Barn.  My orchids are staying right where they are because they seem to be very happy.  I’m not moving them and once they drop their flowers I’ll be ignoring them again.   I have high hopes for these orchids!




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