Project Runway

Do you watch Project Runway?  I tape all the shows just so I don’t miss one.  If you were cheering for Michelle when she won Project Runway, you are not alone, and guess what?  She lives in Portland, right where quilt market is going to be (ok, maybe not right where quilt market is, but I’m sure she’s close by).  I would love, love, love to meet her!  She should be an inspiration to all of us because she picked herself up when she was down and came out on top.

Holly Hill

Also very near Portland is a fabulous quilt shop called Holly Hill.  It’s a must see stop if you’re going to Portland.  If anyone is still looking for my “Raining Cats & Dogs” quilt kit, Holly Hill has it.  Say I sent you, and get 10% off!  If you go, give Brian and big hug for me!

Garden Roses

Pink Vase

If you remember a few posts back, I showed you a photo of my pink depression glass vase filled with garden roses.  So many of you emailed to ask where I got the vase.  Well I’ve been searching for it on the internet and can’t find anything similar.  I purchased it years ago from Gooseberry Patch, but time has moved on and they no longer sell all the products they used to have.  I loved to shop Gooseberry Patch and I was  disappointed to find just cookbooks and recipes available.  I’ve gotten some great buys from them, and if I lined everything up and took photos you’d all say “I want that too!”.

Well, I wasn’t going to give up, so I’ve been searching eBay and  found 2 vases.  They are on their way to Bunny Hill!  When they arrive I’m going to do a vase giveaway. (No not in this post, but maybe by the end of the week so check back).    Who knows, maybe you can win one!

I’m going to be super careful with my own pink vase since I know how hard they are to find.  I fill mine with my garden roses to enjoy in the studio.  It’s the perfect vase a “frog” style top.

In my vase now

Garden Roses


 Stop to smell the roses today, wherever you are.

Cosmo Seasons Variegated Floss:

We’re discontinuing our collection of Cosmo Seasons Variegated Floss from Lecien,  You’ll find our remaining stock on our website in the sale section for 50% off.

We’ll always carry the regular Cosmo Embroidery Floss because we love it so much, and we’ll be increasing the number of colors we carry over time.

If you’ve wanted to try Cosmo Variegated, now is the time!  Limited colors and bundles available.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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