The day is damp with a bit of drizzle.  Just enough to make us bundle up.  The rain would be welcome this time of year and our umbrellas are waiting, but secretly I’m hoping it skips us today.   Rain tomorrow would be just fine.  I hope your Thanksgiving day brings you sunshine.


Soon our dining room will be filled with the sound of chatter as platters of food are shared once again this Thanksgiving day.

I was privileged to host some guests from Japan several years ago.  They were astounded that we had this room in our house that we only used once or twice a year.  It is amazing when you think about it…in a country like Japan where space is at a premium, a dining room might be considered extravagant.   But today we will gather under the chandelier in this room to give thanks for each other and to say a prayer for our family too far away to join us.

The Cat Who Came for Thanksgiving

We have an unexpected guest this Thanksgiving who’s not too happy to be here.  His name is Pumpkin.  The house behind us went into foreclosure a few months back and Pumpkin was deserted by the owners .  Even though we really didn’t want another cat, we took him to the vet, gave him a warm place to cuddle and offered plenty of food.  He has gradually become our outdoor cat.  Then just a few days ago another cat attacked him. He was left with an infected wound on his head that took another vet visit,  a lot of stitches, antibiotics, and $$$.  We came home from the vet with instructions to keep him inside for 10 days.  10 days???  Oh my.  He’s spent a lot of time pawing at the door.  Poor Pumpkin.

He’s supposed to be wearing a cone on his head but he hates it so much I just don’t have the heart to leave it on him.   I’ve photo-shopped his wound because we all deserve to look our best, especially on Thanksgiving.  This is day 3 in the house for Pumpkin.  I wonder how he’ll be in 7 more days?  Do you think he’ll want to stay inside?  After all the rain is coming!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   May your day be blessed with family, friends and good food!



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