Happy Monday everyone!

I’m off to teach at our local quilt shop Thimble Creek today.  We’re making wool snowmen pillows in January!  Unheard of you say?  Just think of the start these ladies will have.  Remember how fast last year flew by?

Here’s our project for today…


Snowballs is a fun, quick and best of all EASY pattern!  You’ll find it here on my website.

Since I’m on the subject of snowmen, I thought you might enjoy seeing this quilt!

I spoke at the Diablo Valley Quilter’s Guild last week (what an incredible group of people), and this quilt (Snowbound) was made by Mary Anne the President of the guild!   I love the red and the beige together and can you see the plaid border peeking out?  She really had me with the polka dots.  I just love them!

Then I looked a bit closer and noticed her embellishments…they were perfection.  Just look at the little silver beads she stitched on the angel’s wings!

Thank goodness for my iPhone.  The camera in the new phone is great and it’s always with me.

I have more pictures to share!

Jeaneane sent me pictures of her birthday cake made by her daughter-in-law Victoria Graham.

  Are you ready?

This cake is a work of art!  It’s a sewing basket filled with goodies and it’s C A K E!

Here’s the back of the cake…

The accessories are all made of fondant.  It took Victoria about 6 hours to make this cake and Jeaneane said it was delicious.

  I can’t even imagine cutting into this cake!

Hope you all have a great day.  It’s pouring rain here in California.  A good day for sewing and sewing classes.

Back soon,



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