It’s been one of those weeks…

My trip to Austin was delayed for 7 hours.  The plane had mechanical trouble and I sat in the airport all day (not complaining because they discovered it while on the ground).  If you didn’t get a call from me to chit chat it’s  because I didn’t have your number!  If you did get a call I’m sorry!  I can talk a lot when I’m killing time.

My embroidery was packed in my suitcase, not my carry on bag.  Free time and nothing to sew!  Learned my lesson on that one I hope.

Retreat was wonderful and I finished embroidering my letter  “S”!   But when I got home I realized I picked up the wrong fabric in my rush to get to the airport.  I used Bella #60 and should have used Bella #11 so I’ll have to embroider the “S” again!  Hummm wonder how long that will take me?

My husband left for a Canadian fishing trip the day after I returned.  It’s been pouring rain the entire trip.  Every day he goes out on a boat in the ocean, rain pouring down and the wind blowing it in his face as he tries to catch the elusive Salmon. 3 days of fishing and he’s caught 1 fish.  This trip was expensive and if he doesn’t catch a fish today I’ve calculated that the salmon he caught will have cost $780 per pound. Oh wait!  I forgot to add in the cost of shipping it home.  He’s in a remote area and you have to helicopter in and out…25lb weight limit on luggage so the salmon will have to be shipped home.  I bet expensive salmon tastes better don’t you think?

To celebrate the end of the week and the fact that you’ve actually read this far in the post, Henrietta will be up on the web early on the 4th!  My newsletter also comes out on the 4th announcing my 25% off sale for three days only.  My BLOG readers can have a few days to shop before everyone else.  The coupon code to get the 25% off your order is July4.  25% off everything on my website!

I’ll be back on the 4th with Henrietta, and the first lesson of Sewing with Kids!  Have a great weekend!





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