Back in March of this year, Quilter’s Home Magazine sent out a photo stylist and photographer to take pictures of my home and studio.  Gregory Case and his wife Elena, work together as a team.  I’ve known them for years so it was a fun photo shoot, and of course their pictures are wonderful!

Pick up the current issue (August/September) of “Quilter’s Home” and you’ll see the fabulous job the editors at Quilter’s Home did.  You’ll find out what my favorite cookie is, AND why I have this Goose Feather Farm sign in my studio, along with other tidbits you might not know about me.

I used the photo shoot to get my husband to complete all the projects I’ve had on my list for the past year.  It’s so great to be able to say “Honey, Quilter’s Home is coming in two weeks, do you think you could work on that list”?  He cleaned the front porch, the back yard, washed windows, touched up wall paint, helped me hang new quilts and even polished my silver pencil holders.  Amazing, that man!

You’ll get a tour of my home and studio. The picture below is our family room.  Chelsea and Bitsy are in one of their favorite spots.  Mine is on the day bed with Chelsea.  I usually relax with my Ipad every evening and read a book or play with the Ipad apps.  Mooch claims the vintage garden planter behind the couch as her favorite spot.  The planter is filled with quilts and I keep an old one on top so washing off cat fur is easy.  (Oh the things we do for our pets!)   Hubby gets the couch. 

As for the Bitsy/Huband update:

Husband is doing better.  Some of the redness and swelling is down a bit.  He had his last shot today. He says the shots hurt so much they actually add Novocain to the antibiotic shot!  Oh baby,  I don’t want to ever have those! 

His thumb has so many punctures the Dr. said he may have to have some physical therapy.  He’s supposed to be holding it up and moving it, but of course he can’t really move it because of the swelling.   Reminds me of playing finger puppets. 

Bitsy went back to the vet today.  She hates a visit to the vet, shakes the whole time and of course looks like I’ve beaten her. She wouldn’t walk, not even when I left the room.  She just stood in the corner and shook.  Her leg looks fine in the x-ray and they are running some blood work to rule out other things.  Our Veterinarian mentioned neurological, spinal, thyroid etc.  I’m leaning toward very smart dog who knows how to make me jump.  Hope I’m right. 

I recorded her on my IPhone. She was talking and carrying on like you can’t believe and I played it for the vet.  Oh my gosh that little dog has something to say.  Wish I knew what it was!  We’ll see what the tests tell us.  In the meantime here’s my new motto:

Back soon!


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