I love growing herbs! Every year I pick a few of my favorites, set aside a few hours and plant an herb garden in a sunny corner of the backyard.  I mix in lots of heirloom tomatoes, some squash, and my favorite thing of all…lemon cucumbers.  I’ve ordered my herbs and vegetables already from White Flower Farm.  They have the best selection of quality plants.  They hold your order and ship when the season is right for the area you live in, and if a plant might not grow in your area they will tell you!

Last year I ordered the windowsill herb garden from White Flower Farm and now I’m ready to plant it again with fresh herbs.  Just so happens that Brigette has been making the cutest little garden markers from old silverware!  Look at my herb garden now!

I even have a marker that says “Bunny Patch!”

If you’d like to make some too, we’re going to show you how!  Step by step.   Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Assorted old silverware (try thrift shops or EBay)
  2. Anvil or steel block  (you can find it here)
  3. Letter stamping set 1/8″ (you can find it here)
  4. Hammer or sledgehammer
  5. Black Sharpie Permanent Marker, any size

Old silverware…

Steel block and letters…


And now onto making the markers…  Place the silverware (we’re using spoons) onto anvil or steel block.

Strike with a hammer until flat.  Hold hammer as level as possible and strike hard.  If your arm gets tired, ask a man to help, the more macho the man the better.

Choose your letters and center word on a flattened spoon.  Place the first letter on the spoon and hit with the hammer several times.  Be careful not to move the letter because it’s hard to realign. It’s fine if your letters aren’t perfectly straight.  It adds to the charm.  Continue stamping until finished.

Color in the letters with a sharpie marker.  Wipe off excess marker after it dries.  Insert into herb garden and enjoy!

That’s it!  You can make them for gifts and yourself!  Re-purpose.  It’s such a good thing!

Have fun everyone!  I’ll be back soon!



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