My mommy made me dress up,
for Valentine’s day today. 
I really didn’t want to,
but she made me anyway.

My tutu’s tight, the bows bug me,
and who knows about my crown,
I feel like a dog gone wrong
I may never live this down.

If Valentine’s Day was for the dogs,
I’d always get a treat,
and I wouldn’t have to dress up
or try and look so sweet.

But then I heard about my friends,
so at least I’m not alone,
their mommies made them dress up too,
I can almost hear them groan. 

I don’t think I can stand here
much longer for today
so take a peek at Bella,
and maybe Gibby wants to play.

And then come back to visit,
or you’ll miss my treat today.
I put some things together,
for a special give away!

Just leave a comment and tell me,
that you think I’m really cute,
and maybe I will pick your name
on Wednesday for the loot!

And here’s the loot;  one of you will win a box of See’s Candy (assorted yummy chocolates) along with a bundle of Moda Bella fat quarters,  16 total!  

We’ll be back on Wednesday to announce a winner so you know what to do!   Have a doggone good day everyone!  Bella and Gibby are having a give away too! 


Anne  Chelsea

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