The weigh-in is tomorrow.  No, not for me, for her…

Chelsea has a weigh-in at the vet tomorrow, and we start preparing for it a week in advance. It’s kind of like Weight Watchers. You know the weigh-in is coming,  so you cut back for a few days.  I hope the bow doesn’t add ounces to the scale.  She’s wearing it, because who can resist a plump Chihuahua in a bow?  Helps hide the rolls around the collar. 

I can tell she hasn’t lost any weight. She feels heavy when I pick her up, and well, she looks heavy too.  I’m going to make my husband take her for the weigh-in.  He’ll get in trouble and he’ll turn around and blame me.  It’s worth it not to have to go. 

And then today, in the mail came the solution to Chelsea’s problem. I just couldn’t believe it when I opened the “In The Company of Dogs” catalog!  Apparently I’m not alone with this problem.  Just look at this!

Hummm…maybe a doggie gym is in order.  Will someone local please open one so I can drop her off for an hour every day?  Can’t you picture it?  Little rooms, each with a treadmill, workout equipment, bowls of water and a TV playing Lassie?  I’d even pay a membership fee.



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