Snow Happy Hearts 4

Snow Happy Hearts August

August is a month that’s hard to define.   It’s in-between holidays and still controlled by heat waves here in the US.  It’s the month I hope hurries by.  So what’s a snowman to do during the month of August?  Mine is going to the beach!  It’s time for some play this month and he’s ready.

If you’ve been thinking about pre-ordering a Merci la Vie quilt kit, now is the time to do it.  Moda gets the award for beautiful kits and the Merci la Vie kit is no exception!  These will be arriving soon from Moda!  They are gorgeous!

Merci la Vie Quilt Kit

I’ll be talking more about this quilt during the month of August.  It’s been hand appliqued by some very special women, and I’m going to donate it to the American Cancer Society.

Enjoy you’re day!


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