Hopefully you’re busy stitching away on your Snow Happy Hearts snow lady for May.  I’m a little late blogging about her, because I’ve had so many last-minute things to do to get ready for quilt market.  Just in case you haven’t seen the pattern yet, I’ve linked you to it below.

Snow Happy Hearts for May

Snow Happy Hearts May

We’re still putting the binding on Merci La Vie, and the quilts are yet to be photographed for our pattern fronts, but we’re going to market and that’s what counts!  We’ll be closed for the week of May 13th so any orders placed on our website will ship starting Tuesday, May 19th.  I apologize in advance for the delay, and I promise to bring back some exciting things to make up for it.  Maybe I’ll have a market sample giveaway, and if you’ve followed my blog, you’ll remember I’m pretty sneaky when I do a giveaway.  :>)

My husband is jumping for joy that I’m leaving next week.  I’ve been impossible to live with for the past few weeks and he’s waiting for his peace and quiet around here.  He’ll eat like a king while I’m gone, having fish, red meat, and of course a little wine.

There are two family members who are not happy to see me leave.  Milkshake howls when I’m gone and she’s taught Chelsea to do it too.  Opps, there went hubby’s peace and quiet.  I communicate with my husband mostly through emails while I’m at market, because when I phone, Milkshake will start the howling if she hears my voice.

Milkshake and Chelsea

 Unfortunately for my sweet babies, these are the only dogs going to quilt market with me.

Lulu dogs for quilt marketLulu is our newest Bunny Hill Petite pattern and we’ll be adding her to the website today.  She’ll be ready to ship in just a few weeks.  She was inspired by my grand-baby dog, who is actually named Lulu.  Here’s a photo of my granddaughter Michaela (she turns 15 on Tuesday) and Lulu.

Michaela_&_Lulu_(1_of_1)Oh, and before I forget, we’ve noticed that once in a while our blog gets a “glitch” and the homepage changes to a different layout.  It seems to go back to normal if we give it time. ,If you’re visiting and you get a strange layout, just check back later.  We’ll be fixing it when we get back from market, once we can figure out what’s wrong.

Have a great week everyone.  I wish I could take you all with me to Quilt Market!



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