It seems like forever since I started this quilt.  It was before Christmas, but you know how it is when life gets in the way.  Things got put aside for a while and before I knew it March arrived.   But I finally have a completed quilt and it feels so good!  It was fun to play around with the colors in Plum Sweet.  What a beautiful fabric line and the timing is great.  The fabric has shipped to quilt shops and it’s available now.  Look for Plum Sweet fabric by Blackbird Designs.   I swear any fabric Barb and Alma design is beautiful, but this was one of my favorites.


It’s fun to see different versions of this quilt coming together on Flickr.  Here’s a scrappy one my friend Chickie is making using Bunny Hill fabrics.   Her sashing is going to be the tiny blue check!  Every time I see her block it makes me want to start another quilt.

Tone_it_Down_pastel_(1_of_1) I’d be happy if one of you would just make this quilt in 30’s fabrics so we could all see it!  Or, how about Christmas fabrics?  Keep going ladies, there’s more fabric out there to be had.


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