Nubin Jensen,  a wonderful quilter from Arizona, has been quilting my American Patchwork Tone it Down Quilt.  She sent me some pictures so I could show you how it looks!  The colors been highlighted so you can see the quilting. The fabric is more of a tan color than it looks in the photos.

Quilting 1

Back of quiltquilting 2All that’s left to do is to stitch on the binding and add a label!  Kim’s sewing on the binding this weekend for me.  She loves to bind quilts and I hate it. We work so well together!  Then we can stand back and just enjoy looking at this quilt.  We’ll get a full photo very soon if I can ever get my camera back from Chelsea.  She’s a little jealous of all the pictures I’ve taken of Milkshake so she’s started doing “selfies” with my iPhone.  Heaven help me.

Chelsea Selfie

I wanted to show you some other ideas for the basket I used in the APQ quilt.  You’ll find the pattern below for the basket, in case you missed it the first time.  We blanket stitched wool felt a linen background, and then framed the stitchery.

Spring Basket Block



Basket Stitching

I hope you can see Kim’s stitching in the photo above.  Her embroidery is just wonderful and she’s only been stitching about a year!  Here’s a tip from her:  “if you’re stitching along and you make a mistake or a stitch is “off”, stop and re-do it before you go any further.”

It amazes me how different designs look when they’re re-done in new colors and fabric. Try stitching this basket in darker felt colors, on a black background for a bit more of a primitive look.

If you’d like to make a picture like mine, pick up some standard size picture frames, 11″ x 14″ and 8″ x 10″.   Cut the background fabric 2″ larger than the inside dimensions of the frame.  (Ours was 11″ x 14″ so we cut the background 13″ x 16″.)  After Kim stitched the basket, I centered it in the frame, pulled the linen to the back and taped it down with clear package sealing tape. How’s that for a fun, quick project?

Speaking of fun, quick projects,  you’ll find them over the next two weeks throughout the Moda Designers Blog Hop!  Please join us on Monday, February 17th. to see what we’ve been up to.  Moda assigned us letters and we’ve had some great fun with them.

Spell-It-with-Fabric-BLOGHave a great weekend and I hope to see you Monday!


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