The closer it gets to Christmas, the more overwhelmed we tend to feel.  It’s hard to find time for quilting when Christmas shopping is front and center.  I know you don’t have a minute to spare, but think how great you will feel if you start the New Year with something new to work on.  Making something at the start of the year will show everyone that yes indeed, you are going to use that fabric you bought last year.  Yes indeed, you are going to finish something you started.  Yes, Yes, Yes!   You can do it!

Choose some fabric you love and get ready to sew this quilt!

I’ve graphed out my quilt, picked fabric I’m excited to use, and now I’m going to select a solid to co-ordinate with my fabric.  Using a solid in a quilt is a wonderful way to give your eye a place to “rest” and Moda has lots of Bella solids to choose from.

Selection of Bella

I pulled a few different shades to try, put some of the fabrics on top of the stack and stood back to look.  These all look pretty good so what should I choose?

Fabric meets Bella


Since I want a more “vintage” look to my quilt, I went with the slightly darker shade you see on the bottom of the stack, Bella #9900 13.  It’s really rich looking and I think it will be perfect in the quilt, but the main thing is I love it!

Now that I have a solid, it’s back to my original sketch.  I want to use the solid, but I’m in LOVE with the light cream prints in the fabric line.  The block would be boring without them.  Just look at them waiting for me on the top of the bundle…

Single Block


…I’m a little worried that they’ll be too busy in the block, but I know I can always “calm” everything down by using a simple sashing in-between, so I decide to go for it!


See the solid Bella in the blocks?  I’ll keep it the same in each block and then I’ll use 2 different “light” fabrics in each block. The nine patch in the centers will always be the chestnut color although the fabrics will vary.


 This is going to be so much fun!  I don’t worry too much about how busy a block might look.  I know the fabrics all look good together and the “busier” blocks will add more interest to the quilt.  I use some masking tape and give each block a number so I can remember where I want them in the quilt.  This can easily change as I finish the blocks and move them around.

One more block

Our Moda Lissa used tons of different fabrics to design her beautiful quilt and the result was stunning.   If she can do it, I can walk on the wild side a bit too!  I’m going scrappy in a controlled sort of way.


Tone it down main quilt photo


You’ll find some helpful videos on All People Quilt, to help you square up your fabric and get started cutting.  Remember to iron that fabric before you cut!

I made a copy of the instructions, and inserted each page in a plastic sleeve inside a binder.  It helps keep me organized and makes it easier to follow the directions.  Then I labeled all my strips and placed them in plastic bags.  Keeping everything in my Art Bin container makes this project portable.

Art Bin and Binder

I’m making blocks throughout the next month when time permits.  You’ll find all the posts for this APQ quilt along when you click on “Categories” at the top of my blog, and then click on “Blog Hops”.

I’ll be back soon with some Christmas posts. In January I’ll pick sashing to go in my quilt!

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