Had to share this with you!  It’s my grand-daughter Alyssa in her clown costume that I made right after market, in one day, under pressure, with dottie fabric.  She surprised me by getting that great tie all on her own.  Then she found a hat and added the flower trim.  We had one happy grandma and grand-daughter on Halloween!  Great combo don’t you think?


In my newsletter today you’ll find two free patterns.  I’ve included them below,  just in case you haven’t signed up for my newsletter.

First up, “Stocking Treats”!  These are so easy to make.  We used some Moda Dottie fabric and of course I have the bundles available on my website.

Stocking Treats

Stocking Treats

Then, in case you need more crafts to do this season, I’m showing you how to make these cute little ornaments I made years ago.  A friend showed me how to make these, and I thought you’d like them too!  I use them every year to decorate my kitchen counter.

Snowmen smiles

Snowman Smiles

Enjoy the free patterns and look for my newsletter in your email today!



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