Happy Saturday everyone!  We have some winners to announce today from the Moda Blog Hop so let’s get right to it!  I used the Random number generator at Random.org to pick the following winners:

1.  The bundle of Windsor Lane Fabric goes to :

#1006 Jeanne who said

“Hi, I am Jeanne from the center of Missouri. As I always like to say, we are the hub of the USA and I am so proud to be able to say that. We do have pets, my precious sweet Maverick who is a 3 yo Chihuahua and our big fat yellow cat Jack. Jack and Maverick are friends but they act like they don’t care LOL”

2.  This Windsor Lane Layer Cake goes to:

#966  Kay Linehan who said:

“I live in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas in a town called Kerrville. I have a girl dog named Charly (a 12 year old yellow lab), 5 cats named Sidewinder, Sweet Pea, Buzzy, Prissy and Patches, They are all (of course) extremely attractive.  I love your fabrics and designs. We have the ultimate quilt store here in Kerrville called Creations owned and hands on operated by two sisters, Kathy and Julie. We are VERY lucky.”


3.  I gathered up a green ABC Windsor Lane panel and 8 fat quarters in green and taupe! These go to:

  #164 Nancy J who said:

“Hi. I live in Lexington with Izzy who is the loving cocker spaniel who thinks she is the alpha in our house. Thanks for the chance to win.”

4.  Little bundles of Moda Candy and enough fabric (in blue) to make my free pattern Sweet Lily goes to:

#702  Jo…who said

“Hello Anne, I live in Quebec in the touristic area of Charlevoix. I had a Golden Retriever who called Fanny but she’s gone in October 2011…
Thank you for this Candy and the pattern free, I hope to win !!!”

5.    One more set of  Candy bundles and fabric goes to: #624 Julia who said:

“Hi! I live in Oregon City with three furry family members: Oswald (named after a state park) and Saddie (from Funny Girl) and an orange tabby named Tabitha. We love them mucho! Your furry family looks well loved too”

Congratulations from Chelsea and me to all the winners!  Just email me and we’ll get your prizes in the mail.

Oh and thanks to all of you Chelsea’s collection of mice is growing!

What’s a dog girl to do with sweet readers like you?  I’m not sure which mouse is her favorite.  Only time will tell!  So far she’s chased them all.

And guess what just arrived?

Issue number 18 of Mollie Makes!  It’s filled with fun crafts and the free gift is a package of cute buttons! You’ll find it here on my website!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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