Valdani has more colors than you ever thought possible, breathtaking colors that make you want to own them even if you don’t stitch.  Each new color is more lovely than the last.  It’s like opening a huge box of crayons each time we get a delivery.

Just look at these Valdani Pearl Cotton collections I added to the website.   Aren’t they pretty?  If you enlarge the pictures you can hold them in your hand…well, almost.


Colors go in and out of stock at Valdani quickly and because this thread is hand dyed we may have to wait a month or two before some colors are back in stock.  I love working with quality threads so for me it’s worth the wait.

I hope you enjoy the selection of Valdani we have available on the website.  I’ll be adding more colors over time and if there’s any you’d like us to carry please let me know.  The shades of pink I’ve been waiting for forever should arrive this week and I’ll have them on the website soon.   I can’t wait to open the box.

I’m working on a few wool applique patterns that just might use some of the colors you see in the photos.  It’s so much fun to stitch on wool using Valdani thread.   If you haven’t tried wool applique put it on your to do list.  I think you’ll love it!

Back soon,


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