This little bug can be hazardous.  She may look innocent, but once you get her she’ll give you Dresden fever…

…and then look at what can happen!

   Kim came to work today and collapsed.  She collapsed from the weight of all the Dresden Plates she made over the weekend. She got the bug!

Plates were flying everywhere in the studio.  Poor Chelsea tried to help but didn’t really know what to do…

It all started when the bug got into Kim’s sewing room.  That bug made her so feverish she couldn’t stop sewing…not even to fix dinner for her poor family.


She’s been sewing all weekend and her husband told me he thinks she’s even ordered more fabric.

  I made Chelsea stay with her today because Chelsea’s had all her shots!  I hope this isn’t contagious.

I’ve never seen so many Dresden Plates in my life!  Dang bugs!  We may never get any work done.  :>)

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