Little miracles happen when we least expect them…

Let me tell you about my new friend Jeaneane.  I met her just after the Joplin tornado hit when a friend of Jeaneane’s emailed me to ask for a favor;  Jeaneane lost almost everything in the tornado, including her computer with all the Snowbound and Tisket A Tasket blocks she had saved.  Her friend asked if I could email her the blocks again so she could give them to Jeaneane.  I sent them off and soon Jeaneane herself emailed me a big thank you and our friendship began.

Jeaneane is a quilter just like you and me. She and her husband lost their home, barns, fences, and even cows when the tornado hit.  4 of her cows were blown away and they had to sell the rest because the fences and barns were destroyed.  I couldn’t imagine the devastation until Jeaneane sent me these photos of what was left of her house…


Throughout our emails Jeaneane has always had such a positive attitude.  She is just amazing!  She and her husband are ready to start rebuilding and will build again in the same location.  Just think what she’s gone through!   I’ve asked her to keep me updated on how she’s doing.

Several days ago I got the most amazing email from Jeaneane.   I just have to share it with you.  It’s the story of one of those little miracles…

“Hi Anne, just got a call from a woman that lives in Riceville, Tenn—( about 50 miles from here) she found one of my quilts in her pasture after the tornado had hit here.  The quilt was one that my mother in law had pieced the blocks and after she died in 2009, I put the blocks together and gave it to my husband for Christmas with her name on it and the dates she was born and died.  The lady’s sister that lives in Florida, looked thru the obits and found my MIL name and then found my husband’s name and gave us a call.  How wonderful is that!!!???  I really hated that that quilt was the one to get blown away.  Tomorrow I am driving up there to get it. What a great story!!!   I just had to share—Jeaneane”

Miracles do happen and sometimes the small ones mean the most.  Bless the people who found that quilt and took the time to find her!  Just warms my heart.  Hope it does yours too.




A follow up to this story…I just heard from Jeaneane.  She picked up the quilt and the lady who found it (Marsha) told her it had been covered in red mud and just filthy when she found it so Marsha washed it.  Jeaneane can’t tell there was every anything wrong with it.  It’s in perfect condition and she says her husband is thrilled to have it back!

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