I’m in love with this vegetable…just look at it!  Isn’t it beautiful?

To think that something high in potassium, calcium and iron can also be this beautiful!

My husband learned a great trick for cooking these pretties on his fishing trip.  The Canadian chef they met cuts them in half before cooking.

It cuts the cooking time to about 20 minutes and the end result is a beautiful vegetable ready for the table…

Yummm, please pass the butter (or do you prefer mayonnaise?)

Another little trick the chef used was to pan fry the artichokes (cut side down) in a bit of olive oil before serving.

My husband loves them this way but I prefer dipping the leaves in a ramekin of melted butter.

Bitsy LOVES a bite or two of artichoke heart dipped in butter. Chelsea doesn’t care for them.   Mooch sides with Chelsea on this one.



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