In the case of Raining Cats & Dogs it took 13 people to finally get the pattern ready to ship!  I’m sending BIG hugs and a thank you to everyone who helped me with this quilt: To my husband who’s spent days listening to me go on and on about how it might never get done, to Lissa at Moda who worked miracles in getting me fabric, to Lisa who spent hours helping me with all the graphics, to Anne, Dee, Tina, Sandy, Melissa, and Pauline who helped with the sewing, applique and embroidery in record time, to Lynne who worked wonders with her fabulous quilting, to Florence who’s spent hours preparing this pattern for print, to Nancy who’s proofed it with her magical red pen, to Greg who photographed it with his artistic skills, and finally to Karl who will collate and package this pattern for me next week!

Did you ever imagine it could take so many people?  I couldn’t have done it without them!

This pattern will be ready to ship next week!  Here are some closeups of the blocks…finally!

Look at the little hearts that Lynne quilted in-between the dogs in Block One!

Block Two

Block Three

Block Four

Block Five

Block Six

Block Seven

Block Eight

Block Nine

and last but not least Block Ten!

When this patterns arrives at my door next week I’ll say thank you again to each and everyone who worked on it!

(Oops…14 people if you count me!)


Anne  :>)

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