We all have a few squirrely friends don’t we?  Ha!  Right now all my friends are wondering if I consider them squirrely.  The dictionary defines squirrely (yes it’s slang) as being eccentric, flighty and maybe a bit odd.

Think about this…Henrietta doesn’t see a thing wrong with being squirrely.  Most of her friends are squirrely and so this month I’m giving a new meaning to the word!

squir-rel-y: -adjective, fun loving and full of joy.  Able to leap tall pumpkins in a single bound.   The perfect friend.

Block Six:  Henrietta’s Squirrely Friends


We’re 2/3rds through the quilt with this block not counting the border…have you been keeping up?  Is this your first try at using wool in applique?  How do you like it?

I had so much fun with the wool I can see playing around with it might be in my future!  I bought some Robin’s Egg blue and creamy white wool at market that I love.  Add a ball of Valdani Pearl Cotton and I’m ready to stitch!

Now I just need to dream up a project…

Hope you all enjoy making block six of Henrietta Whiskers!



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