I’m still waiting on my new fabric to arrive and decided if I made room for it, the arrival would happen sooner.  Maybe it’s wishful thinking.  After cleaning I now have 3 empty shelves in the studio just waiting to be filled again, but the day bed is now filled with fabric scraps!  Something has to go.

I’ve decided to have a Scrappy Giveaway!  Yes, it’s exactly as it sounds, bags of scraps from the Bunny Hill Studio.

Here’s my Henrietta Whiskers scrap bag…no it’s not enough to make the quilt but it will get you started… pieces of leftover wool, and a few wool stars cut by me and ready to applique, maybe some buttons…get the idea?

I’ve got 7 bags of Lily & Will scraps!  Seven!  Each one contains a charm pack plus scraps. You could share with a friend or add to your stash.  If you do applique there’s lots of different pieces you’ll be able to use.

So there you have my strange giveaway!  1 bag of Henrietta scraps and 7 bags of Lily & Will scraps.  These have got to go so I’ll announce the winners on Monday AM.  You’ll be adding to your stash and helping me out at the same time.  Lucky you?  Leave a comment and if you feel you HAVE to have the Henrietta bag let me know.  There’s only one Henrietta!

Cleaning up has never been this easy.  Don’t leave me with all these scraps and make me choose random numbers of 1 through 7!  How embarrassing would that be?



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