I have the photography bug and if you own a digital SLR camera one of these days you’ll get it too.  I don’t think I realized that behind the camera is me and I’m the one who determines how that photo will look!  I always thought it was the camera.  If you want to learn photography take an online class at Lynda.com.  You’ll get an understanding of your camera, settings, lenses and so much more!   Mooch has offered to demonstrate…

Here’s the original photo shot in aperture priority so the background is blurred.  Enlarge the photo and you’ll really be able to see!

Here’s Mooch softened and cropped using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software

Oh my I really should have cleaned her eye.  No problem I can do it in Photoshop!

Here’s the photo after the white balance was adjusted using the auto setting in Lightroom.  One click and the yellow cast is gone.  My gray cat is back!

Then I went outside to practice shutter speed.   Mooch loves to watch our humming bird feeder.   She does this little “chatter” thing when she’s bird watching.  If you have a cat you’ve probably heard it.  It’s kind of like a vibrating meow!  Strange.

The hummers really put on a show!   I set my camera to shutter priority and a fast shutter speed and ta da I captured them in flight!  I think we have at least 3 humming birds, maybe more.  They were moving so fast I couldn’t tell!

One of my resolutions this year is to learn all I can about taking photos.  If you have a digital SLR pick up that camera and practice changing the settings. It’s so much fun!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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