Wow, some of you are working fast on the Henrietta quilt.  You already have your backgrounds pieced!  I’m really amazed!  For the rest of you please remember the general instructions are just that…general.    You’ll get the exact cutting directions every month with each block.  Don’t feel like you need all the backgrounds pieced at once.  You can do them as you go along.

Because some of you are such super fast quilters we’ve caught 3 mistakes in the General Directions for Henrietta Whiskers.  Henrietta is so glad you took the time to email me!  She’s driving me crazy because every time she sees an email with her name in it she gets really excited!   I’ve got to get her out of the studio!

If you’d like a corrected copy of the General Instructions just click on “free” from this blog or my website.  If you’d like to update the ones you have here are the corrections:

Page Three

Sku # 2673 18  add two 2  1/2″ x 2  1/2″ squares

Sku #2676 11 under Top & Bottom applique strip:  add one more  4  1/2″ x 4  1/2″ square for a total of 5 (one is for block five)

Sku #2052 13:  should be 2 1/2″ x 12  1/2″ (not 10  1/2″)

Page Four

Change bottom left corner strip to 2  1/2″ x 12  1/2″ (not 2  1/2″ x 10 1/2″)

Henrietta Whiskers Block of the Month Kit

If you’re looking for the fabric for Henrietta Whiskers you can find it at Gathering Fabrics in Washington or online at  You can email Susan at Gathering Fabrics for more information;  If you’re a quilt shop that will be offering a kit be sure and let us know so we can add you to our list!

Henrietta Whiskers Class

If you’re in the area please join me for a “Henrietta Whiskers” class at In Between Stitches in Livermore, CA on Tuesday, February 1st and Tuesday, April 5th from 10 to 2.  We’ll be working on the blocks throughout the year!  You’ll find information here on the In Between Stitches website!

Back soon!



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