To all of my faithful blog readers I apologize for the slow website for the past two days.  If I were trying to shop I’d be crying.  I’m so sorry!  Henrietta is definitely causing a traffic jam.  What a sassy little squirrel she is!

To make it up to you I’m extending the January sale for another day.  The 25% off will be good through Sunday.  Hopefully those of you who are trying to download Henrietta will have done so and things will be back to normal on the Bunny Hill website.  Remember if you have trouble on the website, try downloading the Henrietta pattern from this blog.

Here’s some news for my blog readers only!

Cosmo Seasons Variegated Floss Is On Sale!

I’ve decided to discontinue the Cosmo Seasons Variegated Floss on my website and I’m having a secret sale for those who read my blog.  If you buy the Cosmo Seasons floss during our sale you’ll get an additional 25% off of the sale price.  This means you’re getting it at 50% off!

Here’s how we’ll know you’re a blog reader.  Enter the coupon code New Year on checkout in the coupon section and then tell us you’re a blog reader in the comment section.   We’ll take the additional 25% off the Seasons Floss.  This sale applies to the Seasons floss & Seasons floss collection only and is limited to quantities in stock.

If the site is slow please be patient with Bunny Hill.  Call if you have trouble.

Back soon,


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