It’s finally a Quilt!

Snowmen are coming to town this holiday season!   It’s Snowbound time at Bunny Hill!  There’s nothing like finishing a quilt and being able to finally use it!  If you’ve joined me in making Snowbound, I hope you’ll enjoy yours as much as I’m enjoying mine!

I’ve gathered up a few of my favorite snowmen and Snowbound is hanging in my dining room for the holidays.  Come on in!

They key to a good display is to vary the height. You can easily create height with a few empty boxes, some scraps of your favorite quilting fabric, ribbon and pins.  You can reuse the fabric after Christmas so don’t worry about giving up your favorite fabric!  If you have a few cake stands, get them out.  If not, just use boxes!

Enlarge the photo below and you’ll see I’ve used tiny applique pins in place of tape to wrap the packages.  I pressed the fabric after it was on the box.

If you don’t have enough ribbon you can piece what you have with pins! No one will notice when your display is complete!

Of course I used my Lily & Will  fabric to wrap the boxes!

To complete the look I filled a vintage dough bowl on my dining room table with red Christmas balls and blue & ivory candles…

Even the little lamb on the hutch got a blue box to stand on!

Being Snowbound just doesn’t get any better!

Hurry and maybe you can finish your Snowbound quilt.  I can’t wait to see them all!  Email me photos or post your photos to my Flickr group!  Sharing is the most fun of all!



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  • Melody - The quilt looks wonderful finished and I love your snowman collection. Thank you for your hints on creating a beautiful display. What a fabulous project Snowbound has been. You are so kind and generous to share it with us.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - What a gorgeous display! Your quilt is stunning!ReplyCancel

  • Julia - omg, anne…the complet quilt in all it’s glory…i LOVE it and wish i had started it in january (but it IS on my list!
    i love your decorating, too…as always, you have a excellent hand with these!
    have a wonderful 2nd sunday in advend,

  • Martine - Thank you Anne for the last block.
    It is just as delightful as the 11 previous ones.
    The whole forms a beautiful quilt.
    Thank you for this gift.
    The small decorations below are chosen with taste, they match well with the quilt.
    Congratulations Anne.ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Anne, I love seeing your Christmas displays, always such perfect attention to every little detail! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us :-)
    I LOVE the Snowbound quilt! I am behind in my blocks, sometimes life gets in the way of quilting, but I’m going to resume after the holidays and can’t wait to finish, am determined to use this quilt before winter ends :-)ReplyCancel

  • Judy Currie - Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity by sharing your patterns – I am making a Redwork Snowbound quilt, as I decorate red, white and lime green in kitchen and on tree. Love your colors and your site.ReplyCancel

  • Jackie - Anne, Your display and your quilt are just beautiful!!ReplyCancel

  • Chrys - I’m up early to get this finished! Thank you so much for this wonderful quilt! I simply adore it! I’ll be posting pics of it on the flicker group when I’m done as well as on my blog. :) :) ps. love your display! :)ReplyCancel

  • rosa - The quilt looks gorgeous!!It`s stunning.I love your christmas displays.Thanks o much for this lovely quiltReplyCancel

  • Sandy G - Hi Anne! What a beautiful snowman quilt! Thank you so much for the year of snowmen patterns. I can not wait to get my blocks finished and this quilt together! Your snowman display is perfect! Again thank you for sharing with us! :o) Happy Holidays to YOU and yours!ReplyCancel

  • Karen - Anne,

    Such a GENEROUS gift you’ve given us this year!
    And last year too!

    I love doing the blocks in redwork and hope to get it together to enjoy next year. Or maybe Christmas in July?

    Thanks again. Looking forward to seeings the finished quilts on Flickr.

  • Marina - This quilt is very beautiful,I love Bunny Hill.
    Excellent !!
    Congratulations !!
    A big hug.ReplyCancel

  • Patty - So cute Anne…thank you for being so generous with us! Happy Holidays.

  • Andrea - I love your display; the quilt is gorgeous, and I love your collection of snowmen!! I can’t wait (!!!!!) to get my hands on some Lily and Will. If I can’t find it locally, I’ll have to order it from your website =) Have a great Sunday!ReplyCancel

  • Tina - Just beautiful! I, too, have not had time to follow you along on making Snowbound this year and, of course, am now kicking myself. Too many quilts and too little time! I just love it though and cannot wait to see the pictures from those who have followed along.ReplyCancel

  • Jill Majers - Your display is beautiful and the quilt beyond wonderful! Thank you so much for all the wonderful patterns for this block of the month. Your generosity is much appreciated!ReplyCancel

  • Joanne Moore - Good morning Anne! Your decorations are so beautiful. I would like to thank you for mentioning the quilt shop In Between Stitches In Livermore. My husband…not so much. I have to drive up to San Francisco at regular intervals to pick up my daughter when she comes home for long breaks from the Academy of Art where she is a student. We fly her home for short visits but due to her roommate (my grandcat Maynard), when she has long school vacations, Maynard has to come too! I could not fathom the idea of my daughter hustling a backpack and cat carrier on the Bart, on to the bus and then thru Oakland airport. It is easier for me to drive up and snatch them. I love the drive up the 5. It is my 5 hour retreat. HOWEVER by Livermore I start to get antsy and could use a break for various reasons! I always wondered if there would be a quilt store some where along the drive, not too far off the freeway…and lo and behold you provided me a quilt store just where I could use a rest stop!!!! It does not appear too far from the 580 which is PERFECT!! Thanks tons!!!Now besides being excited about going up to snatch my daughter and kitty in a few weeks, I also have a new quilt shop to explore. Did you receive your new cottage yet?Thanks again!!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - Thank you soooo much for the wonderful snowmen! I have been avidly collecting these cuties and can now get busy making this darling quilt! I use snowmen for all my Christmas decorating and have been wanting to add a quilt of them for my display wall next to my Christmas tree full of snowmen ornaments and now I can!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!ReplyCancel

  • Joanne Moore - p.s. Anne
    Enjoy this decorating tip my cousin sent me..

  • DeAnna - What a darling display. LOVE the little lamb!

    Thank you for the precious quilt blocks for another year. I always look SO forward to the unveiling each month.

    I hope you’re considering continuing this tradition in 2011. :DReplyCancel

  • Leeanne - just stunning!! I love your Christmas display and wrapping paper.
    I have been printing out all the instructions each month to save up to make one day, thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Barb - OOOOOHHH!! That finished snowman quilt is so adorable! I want to come to your house and see all of your decorating in person – knowing how creative you are, I just know it will be amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this creative gift with us during the past year.ReplyCancel

  • Marsha Burwash - Anne, I have enjoyed making this quilt along with everyone else this year. Thank you so much for the wonderful patterns. You share your talent so generously. Have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones.ReplyCancel

  • AnnieO - Snowbound Quilt is gorgeous! How fun to continue your theme with all the snowmen. I agree with you on the varying the height hint. I like to use Christmas cookie tins and candle stands because–well–that’s what I have on hand!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Shackleford - Thank you, Anne, for another delightful quilt. Merry Christmast!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy C. in Utah - Anne, Your decorating is just amazing. It’s like a winter wonderland and I love it. We are in a mess with the remodel in our upstairs so there won’t be any decorating here except my Nativity in the family room downstairs. We have lots of stuff stacked down there too keep out of the way of the work but we made sure that half the room is kept organized, for my sanity, LOL. BUT, next year I will be able to really decorate and I am taking note of all your terrific advice. I hope to have an applique version of “Snowbound” completed for next year. Thank you Anne so much for the gift of “Snowbound” it is so delightful and will be a decoration to be used every year. Block twelve is absolutely wonderful…a perfect finish! Thanks again, so very much. Hugs…ReplyCancel

  • Gail W. in Florida - I am delighted to have “found” your blog and store! What a fabulous Christmas quilt and display! I’m loving it! You are so talented! Love the Lily and Will collection also. Merry Christmas!ReplyCancel

  • Mary on Lake Pulaski - Thanks for sharing your decorating Anne! Snowbound looks like it was created after the decorating, it fits in so well!ReplyCancel

  • Carrie P. - It is so sweet! and how generous of you to share it.
    Love all your decorations.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - The finished quilt is just lovely! I did A Tisket a Tasket last year but I didn’t think I’d have time for Snowbound (even though I love snowmen so much). I did, however, download all the patterns and it’s in the queue for the future.

    Your picture with the quilt hanging from the curtain rod inspired me – I ran out this afternoon and bought a rod which I had my husband install in the entry way immediately. It sure beats punching a couple of new holes in the wall every time I change the quilt hanging there! Thanks for the idea!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Nelson - Hiya. Love the display. Particularly love the quilt. Well done you!ReplyCancel

  • Gari - I love how you set your Snowbound blocks. I have never done an Irish chain but it looks great on your quilt. Thanks again for this great BOM.ReplyCancel

  • susan anthony - Dear Anne, Thank you for the Lily and Will II squares. They arrived today and are just too cute for human words. I love them and want to just sit and cuddle them! I will make something very special with your gift to me.
    Thank you! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Jeanie - A huge thank you for your adorable Snowbound pattern. It is so much work for you to design and sew a quilt and then to offer it free is very generous. Thank you again, now off to sew some snowmen:)ReplyCancel

  • Louise - Just a quick short note to thank you ever so much for the lovely monthly patterns. Love the finished quilt! You are so generous to us. Enjoy the season!ReplyCancel

  • ellen - Anne: did I miss your blog on block #12? Where have I been? I am devastated! Help!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ina - Thank you for the adorable little fabric AND the taffy. I haven’t had taffy in years! Delicious! ;0ReplyCancel

  • Jytte R - Thank you for all these beautiful snowmen. First in the new year I will start on the first block. Appliqué is difficult for me, but the finished quilt looks so good that I will give it a try.ReplyCancel

  • Anne Marieke - Thank you so much for this beautiful project which you shared with us. I enjoyed stitching the monthly blocks so much and every 5th of the month was so much fun because the new Snowbound block was coming.

    Your decorating is so gorgeous. Love all your little snowpeople.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.ReplyCancel

  • Karla from Ohio - Your snowbound is wonderful, I am still in process. I hope you continue to have some goodies like this next year. I have followed your blog for 2 years and enjoy every minute of it, and going to your website, too.
    Thank you for sharing, and inspiring me.
    Merry Christmas!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - Your Snowbound quilt looks amazing and I can’t get over how cute your snowman display is! It looks magical!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy C. in Utah - Anne I received my little packs of Lily and Will today. OH…such beautiful fabric and so gloriously soft! (Yup, I had to fondle it a little, though I really don’t know if I will be able to break the packs up and use them, they are so completely adorable as they are. Thanks So Much! Hugs…ReplyCancel

  • tammy - How do you get your husband to sit still for all the pink??
    I love all the decorations, and do you blame the black kitty for wanting to look at it all? Makes it even more special because she is seldom seen by anyone else.

  • Silvia - It’s so beautiful!! It looks really great!! I’ve begun doing it, but now I’m finishing your “A Tisket A Tasket” quilt, which I want to give to my parents for Christmas! :) but I will continue doing it after Xmas, I love it!ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen Solomi - I’m loving my snowbound quilt , eagerly waiting Dec,. 1stReplyCancel