Cath & Martha

Cath & Martha:  Two of my favorites and each one has something exciting happening right now!

I visited the Cath Kidston stores in England last year, and came home loaded with goodies.  My extra suitcase was filled!  Cath Kidston had just sold her stores for millions after starting her company in 1993!  Amazing!  They told me she plans on staying involved.  I think it’s true because I just got the most fabulous catalog in the mail!  Cath Kidston USA!

You can shop online at Cath Kidston USA or call toll free 1 -877-259-8559.  And here’s the bonus news.  Free shipping on orders $100 over until December 10th;  Offer code USFP.  Everything still ships from England so free shipping is a huge offer!  If you like Cath Kidston like I do, be sure and sign up for their email newsletter when you visit the site.

Martha’s been busy too.  If you own an iPad, she has 2 apps that are wonderful!  There’s an iPad  interactive magazine that you won’t believe!  The front cover is a beautiful peony that opens right before your eyes and inside you’ll find, well just click here and you can read about it and see it in action! Wait for it to load and then watch the video!

And the cookie app!  It’s a cookie cookbook need I say more?  Scroll though hundreds of beautiful pictures, tap on the cookie you want and up pops the recipe!  Add it to your shopping list too! See for yourself by clicking here and then clicking on the video!  We’ll be having fun this year with this app on my iPad.  My grand-daughters will love it!

If you’re thinking of an iPad and aren’t sure, just ask me!  I never thought I’d use one as much as I do.  It just so much fun and now it’s really a “good thing”!

Back soon!


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  • Vicky - Okay, so why do I need one? I have a desktop computer, Blackberry and Kindle. I was thinking about getting a laptop, but I’ll let you convince me otherwise! LOLReplyCancel

  • Rachel - I love my iPad too. So much, in fact, that I think my laptop gets jealous at times. Thanks for the tip about the Martha apps. I will look them up!ReplyCancel

  • Barb - I was wondering about getting one for my ‘better half’ for Christmas (he is such a ‘gadget-guru’!) and this might just tip the scale in his favor (ha!ha!). Do you think he would share it with me? Would I be able to wrestle it out of his hands on a rare occasion? I’m a bit doubtful. . .ReplyCancel

  • Pat Sloan - ANOTHER reason I need an IPAD!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy C. in Utah - Oh my gosh…now you tell me, LOL. I just got my new laptop 2 days ago and I thought I was ‘styling’ after using my old laptop for 9 years until it literally died. Ah well, maybe the next IPAD generation if I’m young enough to enjoy one, LOLOL! Martha’s photos are magnificent though, I can see why you love it. Keep us posted on all the fun your having with it! Hugs…ReplyCancel

  • Joanne Moore - Hi Anne,
    Okay now I have an excuse to share a catalog with you…On Friday with my quilting best friends we were gabbing more than quilting and perusing the boatload of catalogs that have clogged our mailboxes. I immediately thought of you after looking at Victorian Trading Co. Thats (but you did not hear it from me) I remembered your darling sparkling snowman collection and this catalog is filled with them..but THEN came this Winter Cottage on page 23 that is sparkly AND PINK!! Well I thought I remembered you had a sparkly collection of some sort but I do know you love pink…It is the least I can do for someone who has shared her wonderful talents…Shoot you may already be in possesion of this pink casa..Anyway know that due to the computer you have many friends and an Ipad will just make things even better. My husband’s ipad is named Florinda (but you did not hear it from me…we name stuff besides children and pets..mostly cars and Ipads..) Ipads are worth their salt just to store photos. They are stunning on the Ipad..better than printed paper copies. Looking forward to checking out Kath Kidson.ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - A few years ago I needed a laptop so I could use it anywhere. Got one for Christmas that year! Maybe now I need to mention that I could use something a bit more portable, esp since my dh already has his iTouch :-)
    I love all things Martha too, always ‘good things’ tucked inside every issue. About Cath Kidston, I think it would take me about five minutes to make an order big enough for that free shipping!ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Ooh, forgot to mention that I got my pink envelope from Shabby Fabrics today w/ my ‘Home to Bunny Hill’ block kit… those pretty fabrics and can’t wait to start!ReplyCancel