The only thing I don’t like about Fall market is the timing.  It always seems to fall over Halloween and many of us don’t get to see our kids or grand-kids dressed in all their glory.  Of course at Moda they try and make us feel like family, so we had some trick or treating going on right at market!

Debbie, (chief of all things patterns) was so cute.  There I was telling her how I’d have everything ready early for spring market and she just cracked up laughing!

She threatens me every year because I’m late getting things to her, but even dressed up like a witch she’s really not very threatening looking (sorry Debbie).  I’m in love with those green tights of hers (see below)!  And that hat!  Don’t you love the hat?  Seems to me she could “pattern” that!  She’s standing in front of Jan Patek’s booth, dressed to sell Jan’s new pattern.

And speaking of Jan, just look at how she and her helper Jenny dressed up!

The raggedy pair, Ann & Andy!

And then there’s “Moda Lissa” who looks cute no matter what she does.  Orange polka dots and cowboy boots go so well together I’m not sure she can call it “dressing up”.

If you couldn’t come to quilt market the Moda designers made videos for you!  Click below and you’ll have me right on your computer giving you a personal tour.  Then visit the other designers by clicking on the Modagene video link at the top!  You’ll find all of us chatting about our newest designs and Lissa gives a tour of the Moda booth.  It’s really fun!

Come to Market With Me!

Have a great weekend.  I’ll be back to tell you about a wonderful project I’m participating in called Quilt Aid.



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