It’s been two months since I started my “guess the theme of my newest block of the month” contest.   It’s about time to announce the winner don’t you think?  I had to make sure the prize included the pattern AND bundles of my newest fabric line Lily & Will II.  Finally everything is ready and we have a winner!  I printed out your emails as they came in with the correct answer and this morning I randomly picked a lucky winner!

Here’s the grand prize!  Did I mention it includes some Cath Kidston sewing tins?

And here’s the winner!

Nancy Brooks who gave me this guess on August 29th:

“Anne…OK I am guessing a mouse!!! As in The Night Before Christmas!!!!!”

Congratulations Nancy!  I’ll be emailing you for your address and this prize will be in the mail to you this week!

Then as I sadly looked at the stack of emails, I knew I had to give away a few of “The Night Before Christmas” pattern!  You all tried so hard and I really threw you off with some of my hints. It just wasn’t fair!  Some of you guessed over and over!

So, if you see your name in the list below, you’ve won the pattern!  Email me with your address at!

  1. Maribeth:  On August 31st she guessed:  “I think it might be a cute mouse in a cozy little house as in Twas the Night Before Christmas!”
  2. Laura: I think she may have been the first to guess!  On August 17th she wrote: I am thinking maybe “A Visit From Saint Nick”? Or as it is more commonly known, “The Night Before Christmas”.  That little bit of pink would be perfect for a mouses nose!”
  3. Liz:  On August 24th she guessed: “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…..the mouse! Love that story and I think my grandkids would like to see that quilt in my house!”
  4. Kelly Stockstill:  On September 1st she guessed: “It has to be Twas the Night Before Christmas with a little mouse!  I can’t believe it took so many clues for it to click, I must need some rest!”
  5. Marcella Bradley:  On August 18th she first guessed cats were the critter.  I told her no cats so she wrote back and said “Gosh!  Well, then I guess The Night Before Christmas!”

And there we have it!  It was so much fun to read all of your guesses!  As I was working on the mice it made me smile that so many of you were thinking Paris.  Hummm, maybe next year!

Hugs to all who entered!


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