So many things happen in the three days of quilt market it’s impossible to capture it all.   After hundreds of pictures, hugs, handshakes, laughs, late nights, hard work and just pure fun it all becomes a bit of a blur combined into pure joy and so many blessings.

Minneapolis you were charming!  You greeted us with open arms and it was delightful to visit your beautiful city.   The skyline at night was breathtaking.  I never had my camera with me at night so I’ll have to see if I can find a photo from someone else.  Looking up at the night sky, surrounded by the most beautiful tall buildings was incredible!

Here’s the view from my hotel room window.  Downtown USA during the day, but at night Minneapolis puts on a show like no other!  The restaurants were wonderful!  We NEVER had a bad meal.  Thank you all who live there and make it such a pleasure to visit!

I always have something in the booth that I call my ” lucky charm”.  It’s usually a special trinket or something that I love and bring along. This time it was a beautiful set of vintage children’s dishes.  Katie, one of my blog readers sent these to me just before market!  They sat quietly in the background on top of the dresser, listening to stories, adding their charm and bonding with Bunny Hill.  Katie thank you for this special treasure.  These were truly my lucky charms!

On the second day of market, in the early afternoon, the show officials walk up and handed us a blue ribbon and plaque!  We won first place for best double booth! Here I am with a show official being photographed for the award.

Nancy Ritter and Anne Bryson ( of Cottons ‘n Wool fame) worked so hard to pull my booth together, the ribbon may have to travel between houses!  Go on over and leave a comment for Anne.  She hasn’t blogged in months.  Tell her you want to see HER photos of market.  I could hardly keep her out of the Primitive Gatherings booth and she was all over market taking pictures!   I saw her leaving  with a BAG full of wool and a bit of cotton too!  Ask her to post the picture of the STACK of wool!

For those of you who asked me to find out about the Clover Craft Irons, I caught the Clover executives in my booth.  Here are the men from Clover (I call the one on the left smiley because he is USUALLY smiling) along with Nireko from Lecien.  NO IRON YET!!!!  I think this is why he might not be smiling.  LOL!  I told him by they HAVE to have a new craft iron by the next market or else I would give all of you his email address.  Every person who appliques can then email him directly!   We need those irons! PLEASE CLOVER!!!!!  Yours are the best!  They are working on it, so keep your fingers crossed.  I forgot to tell him to make them in pink!

I’ll be back with more Lucky Charms from Market and my wonderful welcome into the Moda Family!  Speaking of Moda, do you know who these famous shoes belong to?

Hugs to each and everyone of you and if you’re from Minneapolis you get a double hug!


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