So who’s shoes are these?  I’ll give you a little hint.


Yep I’ve been to the Great Mall of America and I bought MORE shoes.  My feet were hurting and I had to!

But, I have serious shoe envy.  The little flower sandal are Barbara’s from Me & My Sister!

She walks around in the cutest little sandals and is so, so happy!

Me?  I have these three to choose from now!  Naot and Dansko.  Fitted by the Nordstrom shoe salesman who knew his feet stuff! 

So I’m all happycomfy and so is Barbara in her cute little sandles.

So onto market;  We rented a large van on Wednesday and drove to Mary’s house in Buffalo.  Mary is the famous blogger Mary on Lake Pulaski!  She’s been doing some secret shopping for me finding props for my booth!  She lives on the most incredible lake and she and he husband have such a charming house!

 Here’s a view of the lake!


And after a tour of the house after our van quickly went from this…

 To this…

And we said goodbye to Mary and Bob!

And drove back to the convention center to set up the Bunny Hill Booth.

We have cribs, a dresser and a baby room for Lily & Will!  They are sleeping soundly tonight.  I hope we do too!  I’ll report back as soon as I can…

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