Feeding the Fetish

Thank you triple times over for all the shoe suggestions.  I’ve tried almost all of them!   The other day when UPS came to the door our driver had so many shoes my husband had to sign for them.  Yep, he was really happy about signing for shoes.  Keeps saying something about how he should have looked at my feet before he married me.  He thinks he’s funny. Don’t laugh at him, it just makes him worse.

Almost everything has gone back, but I did keep these funky looking pair of Clarks.   FUNKY but so comfortable.  Would have preferred something a bit more feminine…

I actually thought about keeping this pair of Soft Walk shoes with the bit of a strange heel.  They make me stand up straight.  Only shoe that’s ever done that and I’m convinced it makes me look thinner.  Now had they made me look younger I would have kept them!

My friend Nancy wears the same size I do, and she bought two pairs from me that I was going to send back.  She’s going to market with me and wearing my her new shoes. I’m jealous cause I love the style (soft walk clogs), but my feet say no.

My friend Anne, who is also going to market with me suggested we go to the great mall when we get into town and find a Walking Company or something.  Just think I’ll be surrounded with shoes.  Heaven.

So until I get to Minneapolis and the Great Mall here’s a sampling of the comings and goings at Bunny Hill…

I love, love, love these Mephisto’s  but the heel strap is patent leather and not so comfortable.

I sent these Merrell’s back because I thought they looked funky.  Might have been a mistake.  They were comfotable.

If you live in Minneapolis and you’re at the Great Mall look for me… I’ll be the one wearing the Clarks.  Unless more shoes arrive tomorrow.  I can’t remember what I’ve ordered!

Back tomorrow if I have time  for some show and tell!  If not I’ll try and post from Market!



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  • Andrea - I have those first pair of Clark shoes and LOVE them! I bought them for work (I’m on my feet a lot as a veterinarian) and always end up wearing them when not at work because they’re so comfy. Have fun at market!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny Limb - Well, at least yours came. I ordered some shoes for Market on the 8th and now they are telling me they will arrive on the 20th which is after I will be gone. Hopefully my dear hubby will overnight them to my hotel in Minn. Shoes are very important!!!ReplyCancel

  • auntiepami - My parents love their Merrels. My friend Val loves hers–she’s a longarm quilter & a very busy Grandma and she loves her pair(s) also. I wish they were in other colors too; like pink! Let us know how they work for you. Have fun!ReplyCancel

  • Heather - I read your earlier blog about shoes and was going to suggest Clarks. I have had the most luck with them, but agree with you on the “more feminine” side of things. Girly clarks are hard to find! I have a pair of Merrells as well, and they are wonderfully comfortable. If find they wear differently though and “go flat” in the sole when they are ready to be traded in for a new pair. I won’t be at Market (maybe some day though), so have a great time and happy feet!ReplyCancel

  • sao Shirley Albertson Owens - I think you will LOVE Clarks…..I went on a New England Quilting tour last fall and wore two different pair EVERY DAY for 9 days – walking almost constantly…….they are wonderful. The ones that you call funky are pretty popular these days so you would fit right into the pop culture. :)

    GOOD LUCK!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecka - The CLARKS!! I love them. I wear them everyday to work and my feet don’t hurt. Have a great show!ReplyCancel

  • Kay - I personally, love the Merrel’s. I am such a clog fan, that they don’t look funky to me at all. I may be out of style, but they go with everything. Whichever ones make your feet feel the best though, that is what you should go for. How exciting this event will be!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Ann - I have shoe/foot issues…I go and have my foot measured and all that good stuff, get some new shoes…wear them for a while then head back to my closet for what has got to be the ugliest shoes in the world…Crocs…I’m gonna try and do big girl shoes for market but don’t be surprised if I show up in your both with my Crocs on…ReplyCancel

  • cheryl in kansas - oh my…..I also have a shoe fetish….ordered a couple of pair recently thinking my husband would be out of town when they arrived….NOPE, not so lucky! Lord knows I do not need another pair of shoes BUT when you love a style….get them in as many colors as you can. And that is my philosophy and I’m sticking to it! Being a child of the sixties I am loading up on cute flats right now. Lucky you…you can put on your new shoes and go shopping for just the right pair for Market….perfect!

    Have a great time!ReplyCancel

  • Beth Friend - Great shoes. Isn’t it hard to find comfy ones? I know what you mean about the Merrels. I thoughtthey were funky when my aunt bought them for me, but y feet were hurting so much I figured what the heck. I love them now and with pants they look fine.
    Good luck at market and hope your feet are happy.ReplyCancel

  • Ina - I miss my beautiful Clark’s clogs…they sit in the closet getting dusty. Can’t wear them anymore. :( I now wear an expensive pair of ugly Brooks running shoes. Ha! Me run?! Now that’s funny! ;0

    I love the owl pin cushin!! I love it! The beautiful pink jacket is wonderful too. Now you have a banner in your new colors…hang it outside the house when you’re in ‘residence’ like the queen of England does. ;0

    Have a great trip!ReplyCancel

  • Mama Spark - Hey, no picture of the pink ones?? What did you think? LOVE the bitty owl pincushion!ReplyCancel

  • Cindy - I have the same exact shoes as your Clarks. You will love the comfort! I’ve had them for a few months (actually bought them at The Walking Store). I’m wearing mine to Market – we can compare notes!ReplyCancel

  • Bernie Shell - Hi Anne,

    I’ll start off with saying best wishes at Market! You’ll have a ball I’m sure! I wish I could be there buying up a storm!

    By the way, I have the Clarks shoes (the ones with the buttons on the side) they ARE comfortable and I use them everyday. They are so cushiony and I’ve NEVER spent so much on shoes before! But they are worth it. Ok, I’ve put in my two cents! Ha ha.

    So good luck with your decision!

    Bellevue WAReplyCancel

  • Louise - Love the first pair of Clarks. I think I was looking at them at REI but didn’t purchase..I still might though. The one with the funny heel does look a bit tedious to walk in..I would be afraid of tipping over with my ever so weak ankles! Have fun at market.ReplyCancel

  • Carrie - Anne,
    I hope your Clarks work well for you, I just bought the same style last week and my feet were very pleased with the support and comfort.
    Best wishes for market.ReplyCancel

  • Jackson - Seam sealed waterproof leather or nubuck upper Clarks Ice Shoe keeps the foot dry and warm. Elasticized top line flexes with the foot. Zipper at instep for easy on-off. Full length Ortholite footbed.ReplyCancel

  • Pat from FL & MI - Have you tried Keens? Love them. And you get free shipping both ways from Zappos.comReplyCancel