What’s on the wall in your sewing room?  Do you have an inspiration board, or a place to put all the pictures and things that inspire you?  I’m inspired by so many things; some you’ll find on my wall…

Here at Bunny Hill I have inspiration walls,  inspiration boards,  inspiration books, inspiration binders, and inspiration drawers.   I remember reading years ago that Martha Stewart keeps file cabinets filled with things that inspire her.  To think that she clips things out of magazines too!  Amazing!

My journals are the simple black ones you can buy at any art store.  They have plain pages just waiting to be filled.  I keep a supply of glue sticks just for the occasion.

And my binders are assorted.  I buy pink binders when I can find them but it’s really HARD to find good pink binders.  Soft, shabby chic binders would be more my style…

I’ve been saving clippings and pictures for as long as I can remember.   I go through each magazine or catalog before I throw it away and clip out anything I like.  I glue small pictures into journals.  I put larger articles into plastic binder pages, and other things get put into a drawer in file folders organized by subject.   I love going through my clippings and journals.  It’s an endless source of inspiration for me!

So before you throw out that catalog that came in the mail, or magazine that you just finished reading, think about what you saw.   It may be worth saving.

Sharon over at Farm & Fru Fru has a great post about inspiration boards.  Be sure and read it.  You’ll get lots of ideas!

Hey, what’s up with all the Moda stuff in this post?  Did you notice?   Are you a Moda Maniac too?



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