Look at what I started!  I’m so excited!!!  I haven’t crocheted in years, and the amazing thing is that once I put that crochet hook in my hand it all came back!   I can’t believe that a repetition of stitches can be so ingrained I can recall it years later.  

This basket of beautiful pink, soft, pink, cotton, pink yarn is going to become a throw!  I selected three shades of delicious pink!

Here’s what I’ve done so far…

It’s a pieced throw that will end up looking like patchwork.  It’s worked in long strips, with half double crochet blocks of assorted colors.  I’m ready to add the next color!  Care to join me?  You can find the pieced throw pattern in the book called “Simple Crochet” (you’ll find it on my book tab above) and you can find the yarn here.   I’m using the softest European handknit cotton from Rowan.  And the crochet hook?  It’s one of the new ergonomic hooks from Clover.  I love it!

Don’t crochet?  You could easily knit this throw!  I’m ready to add the next color and then I’ll be back with more pictures. 

Do you have a craft that you love other quilting?  I’m betting that most of us “crafty” types have many other talents!  Applique is my passion, but working with yarn is fun too!

Next post I’m going to show you my $4000 pair of  hand knit socks that Brigette made me.  She thinks I’ll never wear them.



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