One of the greatest gifts we give to our children is knowledge…sharing what we’ve learned so they may enjoy and share again with future generations.  It’s and endless circle of giving…

Meet Alyssa and Michaela…

Join us as we share tips and ideas on how to teach children to sew.

Seven or eight seems to be the average age for children to begin sewing.  If you’ve been hearing “please, please let me sew” then you’ve got a willing and eager child.  Maybe it’s time to give it a try!

Let’s gather up the basics!

Click on the link below for a supply list!

Basic Supplies

Michaela’s Sewing Box…

Michaela suggested adding a pair of tweezers to the supply list.  They can really help when you’re…

…threading a needle on your sewing machine, or pulling out threads if you have to rip out stitches.

Ripping out stitches?  This is how Alyssa feels about ripping out stitches…

She hates it!  Oh no, not again!

Are you ready to start sewing?  Have mom print out the file below and then do some practice sewing with mom or grandma.    It’s so much fun but you have to be careful when sewing on a machine.  Be sure to LISTEN to your mom or grandma!  You have to follow rules when sewing on a machine.

Sewing Machine Basics

practice, practice!

  Project One:  Let’s Make A Pincushion!

Let’s Make a Pincushion, Part One

 Let’s Make A Pincushion, Part Two

Project Two:  Let’s Make a Pillow!

Let’s make a pillow like Michaela’s and personalize with our own initial!  How’s that for cute?

Sewing with Kids Pillow Instructions

Have fun!  We’ll be back soon…