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There’s nothing like a SALE to start the New Year off.  Just in case you didn’t get my newsletter this morning, Bunny Hill is having a sale!  Everything on our website is 25% off from January 5th through January 9th!  I apologize in advance if you place an order and don’t get a receipt attached with your confirmation.  You will, I promise, get a receipt and 25% off when we ship your order.

I put away the Christmas decorations and decided things looked a little bleak around here so I made a batch of Valentine hearts.  One thing lead to another and soon I had a FREE heart pattern AND fabric kits with ribbon and buttons for the hearts, just in case you want to make some too!



Valentine Hearts

Glass vase filled with hearts

Wood Bowl filled with hearts

Valentine Heart Pattern

Make a batch of  hearts, stuff them lightly, and decorate to your “heart’s” desire.  Fill a vase or a wood bowl with hearts and you’ll have a centerpiece you can use every year.

Here’s a link to the kit and remember it’s 25% off through January 9th.

Coming soon…Kim and Nancy have been re-making “Postcard Cuties for Winter”…I’ll give you some peaks this week!  It’s so cute in its new fabric!

Have a great weekend!




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