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When Christmas comes around I’m always looking for a new way to package up cash or gift cards.  There aren’t too many ways to make $$ look cute, so Bunny Hill to the rescue!

Snow pockets are simple to make and they’re perfect to hold cash or gift cards.  You can hang them on a tree, use them at a place setting, hang from a chair or a garland.  Whatever you dream up to put inside,  little gifts are going to look special!

You’ve never worked with wool before?  Don’t worry, I’ve made it easy.  Just follow my wool applique tutorial and use my free pattern!

Wool Applique Simplified

Snow Pockets

To get you started we’ve made up a kit that includes everything you need;  100 % wool, Cosmo floss, buttons, ribbon and a chenille needle!  Just add glue, scissors and freezer paper.  You’ll find it here on my website.

I hope you enjoy making these little Snow pockets!



 Windsor Lane is in the studio!

 The colors remind me of a candy store!  Just yummy!

There’s a scripted alphabet in four different colors and a paisley that will make you go crazy!

  I’m wrapped up in fabric and loving every minute.  I can’t wait to show you more!

There is someone in the studio who hates it when I get new fabric…

Chelsea’s feeling so neglected I might have to make her a Windsor Lane treat  :>)

Back soon with more to show!


If you’re attending the Paducah Quilt Show next month be sure and search for Karolyn Reker’s version of YoYoville.     She “fussy cut” little critters for the windows and doors of the houses on the border!  Look how cute these are!  I haven’t seen all the critters yet so I’m counting on you to take photos for me if you’re going to the show.  Think of the fun Karolyn had searching for all the critter fabrics!


Our “Bunny Hill” Kim amazed us yesterday with more of her Dresden blocks.  She used wool for the centers and machine appliqued the entire block.  She widened the stitch width a little when she came to the wool centers.

 Her work is perfect and you’ll be seeing it on some of the new Bunny Hill quilts very soon.  I love the wool centers don’t you?

For those of you working on our Pumpkin Pie quilt, we’ve added a Kimono Silk Thread Kit.  It has all the colors you’ll need to applique the quilt by hand or machine.

Enjoy your week.  I’ll be back as soon as I can :>)

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