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It’s already the month of March, can you believe it?  Are you ready for #3 of Snow Happy Hearts? It’s a snowman with a PINK lamb for a friend!  I love pink lambs so of course I include one when I can.  March seems like the perfect pink lamb month.

Snow Happy Hearts, March

Snow Happy Hearts, March

Snow Happy Hearts March

You’ll find the last of the Snow Happy Hearts fat quarter bundles on our website along 2 other Mistletoe Lane bundles we’ve just added.


Snow Happy Hearts Fat Quarter Bundle

Here’s a new 1/2 yd. bundle of neutral backgrounds from Mistletoe Lane.

Stash Building Background Bundle

Stash Building Background Bundle

Or, how about a little fat quarter bundle of ice skates?

Mistletoe Lane Ice Skates

Mistletoe Lane Ice Skates

It’s a great day when you can get ice skates and pink lambs!

You’ll find everything under “What’s New” on our website!


Hi everyone!   Welcome to the Moda Blog Hop and Bunny Hill.  When Chelsea heard this was about our hometown and Moda Candy she got so excited!   She begged me to let her show you around and there’s no keeping that dog out of things when she decides she wants in.  She’s been after the “Candy” I’ve had stashed for my giveaway ever since I brought it home.  Maybe she’ll forget the “Candy” if I let her show you around.

We live in the San Francisco Bay area in a town called Discovery Bay.  No one really knows where Discovery Bay is except for the 13,000 that live here.   It’s not even a an official city yet but we like it that way.  If you drive in the San Francisco Bay area you are guaranteed to find freeways filled with traffic but Discovery Bay doesn’t have a freeway.   We  drive through country roads where the only traffic is created by driving behind a slow tractor on a 2 lane road.

OK Chelsea, show them where we live!

   Here’s a map of the San Francisco Bay area and Discovery Bay.  Wait!  I think Chelsea’s standing on our house!  Chelsea move over please!

At one end of town you’ll find waterways…inlets coming in off the River Delta with houses lining the waterways. You can walk out your back door, jump in and swim because these inlets are fresh water.   This is only a few blocks from our house but poor Chelsea hates to swim so we try to stay away from this area. Being the brave dog she is, she agreed to jump in just for the purpose of this picture.


…At the other end of town you’ll find acres of farmland.

Chelsea loves to visit the fruit orchards and vegetable stands.  She’s really into chasing birds healthy eating.

Chelsea get out of those onions!  (…sorry but she likes to pick out her own veggies.)

Bunny Hill is located inside my Discovery Bay home.  The studio is on the upper floor of my house so it’s not open to the public.   Chelsea’s been trying to get me to open a store but I know her reasons are a bit one sided…more attention.    She gets enough attention already.  She sleeps in a little drawer right by my desk and she get pets from everyone all day long.

She’s active in my design work and often puts in her 2 cents worth when I’m designing.

She personally checks my fabric when it arrives…gives it the sniff test to see if it passes.

Yesterday when I got out the Moda Candy, Chelsea was so excited!   She’s been watching these little bundles ever since I brought them home!  I can’t blame her, just look at these cute little packages of 2 1/2″ squares of fabric.  They are perfect for making a dog bed doll quilt, miniature wall quilt, table topper, pincushions, small totes…you get the idea.

If Chelsea will give up some of this “Candy” you could win a few to make a cute miniature quilt like this one!

Don’t worry, I’ll make her part with some Candy and we’ll add it to our giveaway.

You’ll find the FREE pattern for this Candy quilt below:

Sweet Lily

So what are we giving away?   One of you is going to win this beautiful bundle of WINDSOR LANE and three of you are going to win some Windsor Lane Moda Candy to make my Sweet Lily quilt.  We’ll announce the winners on September 15th so be sure and check back.

 All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog post telling me where you live and the names of your pets if you have any!

 If you haven’t been to Kate and Deb’s blog yet, click on the links below to see what they have for you today!


Have fun!


When Christmas comes around I’m always looking for a new way to package up cash or gift cards.  There aren’t too many ways to make $$ look cute, so Bunny Hill to the rescue!

Snow pockets are simple to make and they’re perfect to hold cash or gift cards.  You can hang them on a tree, use them at a place setting, hang from a chair or a garland.  Whatever you dream up to put inside,  little gifts are going to look special!

You’ve never worked with wool before?  Don’t worry, I’ve made it easy.  Just follow my wool applique tutorial and use my free pattern!

Wool Applique Simplified

Snow Pockets

To get you started we’ve made up a kit that includes everything you need;  100 % wool, Cosmo floss, buttons, ribbon and a chenille needle!  Just add glue, scissors and freezer paper.  You’ll find it here on my website.

I hope you enjoy making these little Snow pockets!



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