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We’ve added some starlight to your stocking this week with Block Number Five!

And it’s starting to look like a Christmas Quilt!  The first two rows are complete with the addition of this block!

Block Five

I hope you’re having fun with these blocks.  I’m seeing blocks on Instagram and they are so cute!  Be sure and post any that you make using #sugarplumstockingtreats and #bunnyhilldesigns!

$3.00 Sale!

Be sure to check out the sale section of my website this week.  I’m doing something fun that I haven’t tried before. I’ve associated everything in the sale section with the number 3!  I’ve taken things left from our sale, and patterns that are being discontinued and given them a $3.00 sale price! There are a few items that I just can’t sell for $3.00, but you’ll still find a “3” in the incredibly low price.  It’s time to make room here in the studio for new things that are coming soon!

I’m going to publish this post a little early this week for those of you who subscribe by email.  I’ve noticed that it’s taking a full day to get to you when I publish on a Friday.  If I publish this now, you’ll be the first to get it!

Have a great weekend,






I’m excited to bring you Sugar Plum Stocking Treats block number four!  It’s the first place winner from the Moda/Bunny Hill design contest! A huge hug and thank you goes out to Shannon Cogswell for her entry!  She took a simple stocking and turned it into something precious!  Here’s her original entry:

My challenge was to take her entry and make it work in my quilt…

I think it fits in perfectly don’t you?  I’ve tried to give you detailed instructions in the pattern for making this block.  The best thing to do is to read the directions and then look at the actual fabric pictures below.  Hopefully, it will all make sense!  Send me a comment if you need help. Depending on where you live I might be able to come by for a vacation little personal help.

Block Four

I’m sending this blog post out early because I’ve noticed some of you aren’t getting it by email until late Friday evening.  Have great fun this week!

Thank you, Shannon, for such a cute block!

Bunny Hugs, Anne


Block Three, Christmas Penguin!  

Block Three

We have a simple block this week, so you should be able to finish quickly. The embroidery is easy and only requires a back stitch and satin stitch. The penguin’s eyes are small and can easily satin stitched without outlining first. The mouth is larger so outlining with a tiny back stitch will give it a little “padding” and hide the outside of your satin stitch. Don’t skip this outlining step if you want your stitches to look nice and even.

Here’s how the quilt looks with block three added.  Remember, there are still nine blocks to go.  You just never know what Santa will leave in a stocking.

Here’s block three in fabric!


Kits on special

We’ve put our Sugar Plum Stocking Treats Kit on sale! If you haven’t started our mystery quilt, there’s plenty of time to catch up, and our kit makes it easy. All the fabric you need for the quilt top packaged into one easy kit, with labels to help you separate them for cutting and sewing.  We’re only on our third block, so there’s still plenty of time to make this cute quilt before Christmas! Embellishment kits and Cosmo Floss kits sold separately.


Cute stockings are starting to show up on Instagram under the #sugarplumstockingtreats.   Be sure and post your blocks to Instagram using #sugarplumstockingtreats and #bunnyhilldesigns.  Show us what you’ve made so far!  It’s so much fun to share.

Next week we’ll feature the first of our design contest winner’s blocks!  I can’t wait to share it with you!


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