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I’ve been waiting for almost a year (that’s how long it takes for fabric to get from the design board to the bolt) and the Sugar Plum Christmas bolts have finally shipped from Moda!  Your local quilt shop should have it very soon!  UPS is also delivering boxes of fabric to Bunny Hill so we can cut it into some special kits.  One kit you already know about (Glitter Houses), but the other kits I can’t tell you about yet! All in good time :>)

Many of the fabrics from Sugar Plum Christmas are sold out at Moda and we won’t be able to get them again. So my advice is this:  If you see a kit or bundle you like, be sure and buy it right away.

If you pre-ordered our Glitter Houses Quilt Kit, we shipped them last week!  You should have them in your hands by now.  I hope you love the embellishment kit if you ordered one.  We tried to package everything very carefully so nothing gets damaged in shipping.

I put the extra Glitter House Quilt Kits on our website, but we only have 4 left. Our newsletter comes out on the 5th and I expect them to be gone after that.  This is an advance warning for my blog readers.

If you pre-ordered The Christmas Mouse Quilt Kit, they arrive here on Wednesday of this week!  We’ll be charging your cards over the next few days and getting ready to ship!  You are going to love this kit because it not only includes the pattern, but also the embellishments.  I’ll have a few extra kits available on my website, after we ship all of our orders, but once they’re gone I don’t think I can get anymore.

If you ordered The Christmas Mouse Quilt Kit, or purchased the pattern separately, I have a free stocking pattern on my website that I think you’ll like.  The stocking pattern is free, and the applique is from The Christmas Mouse pattern.
Last, but not least, we have the Sugar Plum Christmas fat quarter bundles on our website.  They are limited to our stock on hand, because the fat quarter bundles are also sold out at Moda.   There are still shops that have them, either online or locally, but don’t wait too long.

If you’ve gotten through this post without getting confused congratulations!  I think I’ve confused myself :>)

One more thing before I close…be sure and check back here on Friday.  It’s finally Bunny Hill month for the Moda design contest.  I promise, promise, promise you are going to love this!  We’ve got a TON of prizes and I know you can do this contest.  The end result will be one I hope you’ll love!

Hope to see you on Friday!  You are the best blog readers ever and I’ll be cheering you on!

Monday hugs to all of you!



I have just spent the most incredible three weeks with these two little girls! Both speak English and German (yes, even Maya who is only 2). We baked chocolate chip cookies, colored pictures, played Candy Land, went for walks, picked roses and played with every toy I have. So many memories were made and they will have to last for another year.

…and every morning, wind, rain or shine, Maya walked Chelsea with Milkshake with me.

I hated to say goodbye.   Seeing them is such pure joy and saying goodbye is so painful.   I feel like this every time they come here, or I go to visit and it takes me a few days to recover…

Now it’s back to work and I have lots to tell you!



I’ve had guests this year in the tree outside my studio window.  A mother humming-bird has built a nest!  She’s been the perfect guest, going to bed at dusk and not starting her day before dawn.  Never complaining when we had torrents of rain and winds strong enough to blow over our fence.  She laid two eggs and sat on them throughout all the storms.  She’s a good mother and an amazing engineer. She built her nest in a “Y” branch of our tallest tree, with an umbrella of leaves over her head.

The storms passed, the eggs hatched and my humming-bird mother continued to sit on her nest, keeping her two tiny babies warm.  The babies weren’t much to look at, so small I could hardly see them, but I could tell mom didn’t care about looks.  She’d fly off for food, snuggle back in the nest, and push her delicate beak down into the nest to feed them.  While all of this was happening, I was reading the book called “The Fastest Things on Wings” by Terry Masear.  Her book is funny, interesting and delightful.  Because of it, I knew what to expect from these amazing little birds.  If you have a backyard feeder I think you’ll enjoy this book.

My challenge was to figure out how I could photograph the babies.  My studio is on the second floor and trying to take a photo through a glass window doesn’t work very well. I decided to brace our tall ladder against the house near the nest, and climb up with my camera.  You can imagine how that went over when I asked my husband to put the ladder against the house. I didn’t get very far.

With me back in my studio, several weeks went by as I watched the babies grow.   I was beginning to think I might not get pictures.   Then I decided to remove the screen from the window furthest from the nest, use my telephoto lens, and lean out the window with my camera.  Success!

Just about the time I had all of this figured out, the mother hummingbird left the nest.  Thanks to Terry’s book I knew this was normal.  The mother returned every 30 minutes to feed her babies.

Then suddenly last week, my humming-bird nest became a hub of activity.  The babies were much more active, changing positions, pecking at the leaves over their heads, and preening.

The first baby tried out its wings, clinging to the side of the nest while flapping at a pretty good speed.

Then the second baby tried its wings, but more cautiously. Flapping away while still in the nest (not easy to do with a sibling right next to you).

Every 30 minutes mom was back to feed her “teens”.

Then a week ago it happened.  The first baby began sitting on a tiny bud of leaves just outside the nest.  Soon it was showing off its flight skills while its sibling looked on. Mom flew back to feed it and then baby was up and away!

Just one baby left, but mom was diligent with her feedings. It poured rain all night, and in the morning a soggy baby was still in the nest. Finally the sun came out, and when I looked baby number two was gone!   Mom came back to check on the nest, and then she was off. I was left feeling like an empty nester.

But, then the next day I saw them!  Both babies were sitting in the tree, flitting from branch to branch.  As I watched, mom returned and fed both babies!  She continued to do this off and on over a period of several days.  I read that the mother humming-bird spends this time teaching her babies where the best food can be found, the tastiest bugs and the sweetest nectar.  She’ll lead them to the humming-bird feeder and show them where to drink.  I see them in the tree less and less, but they still return with mom close by.  What a miracle of life these little birds are!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!  Happy Saturday everyone!


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