My studio:  A place to create, my workroom, a place where time seems endless.  A place I can call my own.

Things come and go in my studio.   Sometimes I’ll spend the entire day cleaning and re-arranging, only to change things back the next day.  New fabrics come in, and old fabrics go out.  Patterns are written, new ideas sketched quickly, and every day business is attended to.  It’s a place of constant change, and I find myself taking  comfort in the old and familiar things that surround me.

Don’t dress up if you’re invited for a visit.  You’ll find me working in comfortable clothing.  Nothing fancy here.    I often wonder how I ever worked every day in a suit and heels?  Comfort helps the creative spirit, I’m convinced of that.  Nowadays, even my “dress up” is casual.

Sometimes it gets a bit cluttered in my studio with too many projects going on at once.  When I can’t find something in plain sight, I have to remind my self to clean up, put things away and start fresh in the morning.  A clean space helps me create.

And every so often, you’ll find me curling up on the day bed.  It’s a place to relax,  look at magazines, or dream a few dreams.  I love my day bed and all the fluffy pillows!

My studio’s been featured in several magazines, the most recent being “Quilter’s Home” August/September 2010 issue.  I thought you might enjoy a few photos from that magazine!

A vintage library cabinet sits at the entrance to the studio.  The drawers hold ribbons, notions and so many other little things!  I found this treasure years ago at an antique store in San Francisco.

I collect vintage crystal bottles and salt & pepper shakers. I fill them with crystal beads and group them together as one display on this shelf.

Today I took a few more photos myself!

An old tool caddy holds essentials

My collection of Valdani thread…

…and my collection of favorite bears

Inspiration boards hang on the wall behind my desk…

…holding sweet memories and things that inspire me.

I’m lucky to have this place to call my own!  I hope you enjoyed the visit!