Can you believe Christmas 2017 is almost here?  I’ve done some simple decorating in my studio this year consisting of one little ruler tree.  :>)  Simple, yes, but isn’t it perfect for a sewing studio?  The tree is only 13″ from top to bottom.

There’s a reason my decorating is so simple this year…

His name’s Sylvester.

 It’s his first Christmas, and he’s fascinated with everything!

He’s sure I’ve done this just for him.

Can you imagine Christmas through the eyes of an 8-month-old kitten?

One thing for sure…those eyes won’t be on any vintage mercury glass ornaments this year…

If he can see it with his eyes, his paws are sure to follow.  The only thing to guarantee broken ornaments would be to add a skinny gray kitten named Tweety to the mix.  I can’t be that crazy, can I?

You may have noticed we’ve updated our look.  We’re still finding things to fix, so if you find something missing, or something you don’t like, let me know.  We’ll be working behind the scenes for awhile.


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