Moda All-Stars

I think I love this new Moda All-Stars All In A Row Again book more than the first All in a Row book. Is that possible? Maybe, but I’m not ready to give up the first All in a Row because the combination of the two books means so many more cute quilts! The two books work perfectly together!

Here’s the newest one from The Moda All-Stars!  Isn’t it a cute book?


The book is broken down into sections, and I had the Critters and Creatures section.  My row centered around and was inspired by hedgehogs. I just couldn’t help myself because I love hedgehogs!

My hedgehog row quilt is still traveling back to Martingale after Quilt Market, so I can’t show you any close-up photos.  The last I heard my hedgehogs were at a park in Washington, somewhere near Martingale’s office. Thinking about these hedgehogs made me think about pins, and I got inspired to create a little hedgehog pincushion using the hedgehog pattern in this new book!  I put two of my treasured pink heart pins from Tilda in the cushion!

I decided to give away a book to one lucky winner and then give away the little hedgehog pincushion to another lucky winner!  All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this blog about the new book or tell me why this little hedgehog pincushion should travel to your house.  Comments close on November 24th around midnight…

Speaking of midnight, hop on over to Blackbird Design’s blog and read about their “Midnight in the Woods” row.  The minute I saw their row, I fell in love and you will too.

Oh, but wait!  There’s a third prize!  Martingale’s giving away an E-Book for one of you too!  I’ll pick the winners of these prizes after the 24th.

Have fun with this blog hop!



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  • Laura Hamilton - Love the book and the cute hedgehog pin cushion!ReplyCancel

  • Terry - This book sounds amazing, I LOVE that little pin cushion. The hedgehog is so cute.ReplyCancel

  • Gale - Your sweet little hedgehog pincushion should come to my house to help get me through the long harsh winter on it’s way. Love your row, so this book may have to be added to my Santa list.ReplyCancel

  • michele breault - TOO CUTE!!!

    I love hedgehogs and am SO excited to see your row. NOW I have to get the book!ReplyCancel

  • Judy Chastain - I love the variety rows give a quilt. I can’t wait to get my book, so I can start with those adorable hedgehogs. Or, I can buy my own book and give the cutest hedgehog pincushion a great home.ReplyCancel

  • Patricia - Love the little camper! Perfect for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win.ReplyCancel

  • Marilyn Dunstan - I’ve never seen a hedgehog in Florida since I’ve been here. He needs to come down here to start a family. And the book wood get plenty of use!ReplyCancel

  • Julie Preston - I would love to have this book and the hedgehog pin cushion should come to my house because my grandkids will love him!!ReplyCancel

  • Janet Hoonard - Your little hedgehog ( if won) would travel to the twin sister of a young lady fighting cancer. Sarah has been at her sisters Becca’s side and her biggest cheerleader for the last 4 years. She deserves a treat. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Ruth Plowman - I have never seen a hedge hog so if I won, I could introduce it to other Arizonans. Perhaps its best friend would be a desert tortoise.ReplyCancel

  • neena simmons - I love everything you do and all your patterns. The book or hedgehog would be well used.ReplyCancel

  • Carmen Goldstein - Love hedgehogs. It is such a cute pin cushion.ReplyCancel

  • Mary B - I have the first book. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one, too. We live out in the woods & have all kinds of critters around us. We might as well add a hedgehog to the assortment. LOL!!ReplyCancel

  • A Clark - I just love the book and the hedgehog! The book will make a perfect companion to the first one I have and love!ReplyCancel

  • Signe - What a tease … can’t wait to see the quilt in detail. The book is a must have and that little hedgehog doesn’t seem to mind that a rainy winter has already arrived at my house.ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - Adorable about wraps it up.Good luck to someone( hopefully me) for winning this book. The pin cushion is truly inspirational and daughter has a hedge hog so I bet she would end up with him.ReplyCancel

  • Mary Jo Jones - Oh I would love your pincushion! I have admired your work for years so it would make me so happy to have a part of you living in my house❤️

    I love the book…would like to own it…anything with you in it would be great!

    Have an awesome day❤️ReplyCancel

  • Barb H. - I love this all in a row book. Your jump roping hedgehogs tickled me to the core. It brought back many memories of my jum roping days. Love hedgehogs. Found a little wool coin purse with a hedgehog on it. Would love to win the pin cushion, also.ReplyCancel

  • Patty Gadarian - Looking forward to getting my bookReplyCancel

  • KJ - I like how the book seems to have different sections. The critter section would be the first one I went to.
    My 2 kitties would love a little hedgehog friend. They’ve never seen one.

    I love, love, love your block. My favourite so far. So much whimsy.ReplyCancel

  • Tabetha Watson - Love the new book!! I’m gonna be ordering both of them soon (if I don’t win one!).
    The little hedgehog pin cushion should travel to its new home with ME!! Here I will keep her all nice and warm in the great state Texas where her brothers and Sisters in the roll got to spend some time!ReplyCancel

  • Pam Seaberg - I love everything you do. This is adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Lori D - The book sounds amazing! My husband has a thing for hedgehogs so this looks like the perfect thing for our home…ReplyCancel

  • jane mckinney - love everything you do your quilts are my favorites maybe because i like animals-would love to win thank you for the opportunityReplyCancel

  • Becky - The row book and little hedgehog will be my new best friends and quilting buddies. The book looks wonderful and the pin cushion is too cute!! Thanks for the giveaway.ReplyCancel

  • jane mckinney - love everything you do your quilts are my favorites maybe because i like animals-would love to win thank you for the opportunity to winReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Snead - The Hedgehog should come to my house to keep my Henrietta Whiskers Squirrel quilt (by Bunny Hill Designs) company!ReplyCancel

  • Cecilia - I need to adopt your hedgehog pincushion because I have 4 little granddaughters who would love to meet her. My granddaughters love to play with my pins and pincushions when they visit and they would have so much fun with her. ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Joyce Carter - I have seen some of the rows from this book and they are so awesome. This would be a wonderful book to have. I love your hedgehog pincushion. It is as cute as can be. Thank you for the chance to win.ReplyCancel

  • HeatherG - All of the quilts I see using both row books are so wonderful! And that hedgehog is adorable as well! So cute!!!ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Hi Anne,
    I absolutely adore your little hedgehogs row in the new quilt, and the pincushion is just darling. If that pincushion found its way to my house it would go into my daughter-in-law’s Christmas stocking. She’s been wild about hedgehogs since I met her, even before they became so popular. So I made her a patchwork hedgehog pillow for their baby’s nursery three years ago and a diaper/carryall bag with hedgehog print lining. Of course, the book would be a treat as well, then I could make more hedgehogs :)ReplyCancel

  • Jean - Your row is darling.ReplyCancel

  • Katherine - Oh Anne! Hedgies jumping rope….way too adorable! Gotta get me some —ReplyCancel

  • S H - Ever since we read Mrs. Tiggywinkle by Beatrix Potter over 35 years ago, hedgehogs have been a family mascot. Being in the US, we had to have pet hedgehog to enjoy. So this little guy would fit right in at our family homes! He is adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Cynthia Fox - I met my first hedgehog at my house two years ago. He was darling even though he ate all my flowers to nubs. I would love this pincushion as a remembrance of him. Also, I’m a fan of yours (have been for quite awhile) and wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I love your patterns and kits.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Stipe - There is just something about row by row quilts that I love and this little pincushion would look so cute next to my machineReplyCancel

  • Gisela Buitendag - I read my children Beatrix Potter stories, but where we live in South Africa they never saw one ! They are so adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Vicki H - I like all the rows I’ve seen so far. The hedgehog is just too cute for words.ReplyCancel

  • Lenora Hinman - This row is so super cute! I just have to buy this book.ReplyCancel

  • Dorris G Dale - I have never done a row quilt, but this looks like a good one to start with. I would love to have a copy of the book.ReplyCancel

  • Kerry Messer - I’m going to have to add this book to my collection. I think I need the first book too. The hedgehog is so cute. It may be the first row I make. :)ReplyCancel

  • Mona Phelps - That little hedgehog pinnie is adorable. He needs to come to my home to be loved on!!ReplyCancel

  • Martina - Oh wonderful! I just love your row with these sweet hedgehogs! And the pincushion is so adorable! It would just be a source of joy to look at it whenever I enter my sewingplace!
    Hugs MartinaReplyCancel

  • Susan Spiers - One can never have enough pin cushions! – this little guy is too cute – I need him! Thank you, SusanReplyCancel

  • Angela Bowling - I have never made a row quilt before and it looks like so much fun. This book would be so fun to work from. And the hedgehog pincushion is so cute. They are such cute little critters.ReplyCancel

  • Judi Leventhal - I think the hedgehog should travel to my house in Texas because then “she” could visit with my friend Julie. I love the background fabric in the pincushion and the placement of the hedgehog…looks like she’s holding a bouquet of flowers. How sweet!ReplyCancel

  • RuthB - I think the adorable hedgehog pincushion should come and live with me because I live in the woods and I am afraid of animals. Maybe he could help me get over my fear of at least one animal – the hedgehog. He is so cute it would be impossible to be afraid of him, right?ReplyCancel

  • Kris Bolick - I have been a loyal follower for years, but the hedgehog is so far my favorite design. I really think he is very cute!ReplyCancel

  • JaniceCarole - I LOVE hedgehogs. I have a cousin who raises and sells them. If I was home more often, I would own one. Your hedgehog pattern is worth the cost of the whole book in my opinion. Great design. Who wouldn’t want a jump roping hedgehog?ReplyCancel

  • Beth Brown - I absolutely love the hedgehog block! And the pincushion is just adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Barb Jenson - The hedgehogs are wonderful they look like they will play well with the bunnies.ReplyCancel

  • Kristie Michalowski - Oh I love pincushions! I collect them and display them ;o)
    That hedgehog is soooooo cute and the book would be a great addition to my library…ReplyCancel

  • Teri - That adorable hedgehog will have lots of friends with all my turtles.ReplyCancel

  • Janis T - This book is going to be a lot of fun! The hedgehog pin cushion is darling and would be the star of my collection!ReplyCancel

  • Suzie - Your hedgehogs are so cute! My 12 yr old daughter is new to sewing and loves hedgehogs. The hedgehogs in the book or on the pincushion would be great inspiration for her to continue to sew!ReplyCancel

  • Linda Isfeld - This little Hedgehog is so cute he should come to Canada for a visit.. love all the designs in this new book.ReplyCancel

  • Tammy Clark - This is the cutest pin cushion! Would look great in my sewing room!ReplyCancel

  • Joane - Hedgehog is just too cute and fun, would be a treat to win book.
    Luv your patterns and ideas with Kids sewing.
    Thanks sew for chanceReplyCancel

  • Kim E - I am a true lover of all critters and creatures and would love to welcome the little hedgehog or the book into my home!ReplyCancel

  • Pat - I LOVE hedgehogs! I have made two hedgehog (Elizabeth Hartman) baby quilt for great nieces and I have to have this book! If I don’t win, I will buy it for sure. As for the pin cushion, it would make me smile every time I look at it! Thanks for the giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Brenda C - Your little hedgehogs are so cute! We could easily be a stand alone table runner with just your row. This book looks like another winner.ReplyCancel

  • Becky Turner - I love all the neat ideas and adding or subracting rows to make it all mine…(until I give it away)ReplyCancel

  • Edith Scherr - Love the hedgehogs. They so remind me of living in Germany in the seventies. So into the critters 👍🏼ReplyCancel

  • Marsha B - I enjoy the first book and this one looks amazing, too. Such fun designs for quilts or table runners. The little hedgehogs are adorable and will make me purchase a book if I don’t win. Love those little guys! Thanks for a chance in the giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Jeanette Perdue - So cute!! I really need to get this pattern my daughter loves hedgehogs!!!ReplyCancel

  • Bonnie Hernandez - When my grandson was about two, he pronounced hedgehogs, heeg-hogs! We thought it was so cute. It made his Mimi a heeg-hog lover ever since!! And these are adorable. He’s 8 now and whenever we say something about heeg-hogs, he just rolls his eyes!!! Try to get heeg-hogs past spellcheck! It’s a nightmare!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Nita - I’ve put that book on my wishlist, and will be sure to make the hedgehog row. :)ReplyCancel

  • LINDA - Well, yes the lil fellow does need a Home+I can take him in for sure!!! How Cute! Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Joyce Doyle - The book sure looks interesting especially the camper. I would keep the hedgehog warm and cosy if I won it.ReplyCancel

  • Pat Snyder - I was immediately drawn to your little hedgehog row – it is so cute and I’d love to win a copy of the book – or, even better, that little pincushion!!!ReplyCancel

  • Dee Winter - Oh, that beautiful hedgehog needs to join my accidental collection of pin cushions. One of my grandmother’s stitched, but my mother and her mother had several pincushions between them. As the person who cleaned houses, my motherin law had a few great ones, I had first chance. And I have quilter friends who love me. Yes, the hedgehog would have a great home with me!ReplyCancel

  • Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts - Oh my goodness what an adorable row! My friend just started producing honey and she calls her business Hedgehog House (but in German) this little guy would just be a stopover at my house because I would send him to her. Thanks for the fun!!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - Love your row and the pincushion, but then again I love all your work. I have so many of your patterns and looks I’m getting further behind. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Liz Dyer - I love the hedgehog pin cushion. I collect pin cushions and I haven’t met one yet thst I don’t like. I have the first book and the second one is on my Christmas list. Thanks for a great giveaway.ReplyCancel

  • Anita Jackson - Oh My Goodness, I am definitely making this cute pattern for myself! I love whimsical!ReplyCancel

  • Estie - I do love your hedgehogs…and the owls and all the critters and creatures. Of course, the row by rows are fun to do.ReplyCancel

  • JoAnn - Love the Moda Row by Row books. I have the first book. Would love to have the second book. Your hedhogs are adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Karen Keeler - Already have the first book and would live to add this new one to collection.ReplyCancel

  • Hildy - I have the first book (love your snowmen there) and really need the second one too and one of the reasons why is your cute hedgehog row!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Branca - I display my appliqué quilts in my home each month. I need the book because I don’t have a quilt for every month yet. But I proudly hang your Rabbits Prefer Chocolate each spring, Henrietta Whiskers each November, and your Snowman quilt each January. I’d also love the hedgehog pincushion. I collect Beatrix Potter figurines and the hedgehog Mrs. Tiggywinkle is one of my favorites. Your hedgehog would feel right at home at my house!ReplyCancel

  • Terri W - I love row quilts! They are a little like “I Spy” quilts and make great wall hangings, too. Your hedgehog pincushion is darling :)ReplyCancel

  • Janet - Your hedgehogs are so cute and you pincushion is adorable! Thanks for a chance to win this great new book.ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth McDonald - Your hedgehog row is ADORABLE!ReplyCancel

  • Margi Elena - Well I am thinking that Mr. Hedgehog would love to come and stay in my home because I live in the Eastern Sierra. Which is fell of trees and open spaces. There is nothing like the Eastern Sierra in Winter, and nothing like Bishop blue skies with the crisp air. Him and I will have a great time together. I am thinking of purchasing this new All in a Row so I can add one of these charming quilts to the list of quilts I want to do for our quilt show in May where I am going to be featured quilter….
    I need a little buddy that will help me through this stressful time of the holidays and getting those quilts done that of course I have waited till the last minute to work on.
    Thanks for the chance. He is adorableReplyCancel

  • Nancy Coffeen - I have the first book and just love it. The second one looks delightful. Love your row of hedgehog love!!ReplyCancel

  • Carol - This new book looks wonderful and your hedgehog is so whimsical so recieving either would be great.ReplyCancel

  • Jo West - I loved the first book and will purchase this new one. The hedgehog pincushion is adorable and I would love to have him follow me to my house in Western Washington. All of the Moda designers are so very creative and talented to continue to amaze us with their new creations year after year. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy - Love this book and the hedgehog! He would be such a cute addition in my quilting room!ReplyCancel

  • Glenda McCarthy - I really love hedgehogs. I was a teacher and The author Jan Brett had hedgehogs in her books, and I totally fell in love. I just recently bought hedgehog pjs. I can’t wait to make the hedgehog row from the book, and the pincushion would be awesome in my sewing room.ReplyCancel

  • Julie Zaloudek - I have a soft spot for hedgehogs, too. We had a hedgehog 🦔 named Prickles. His personality was a bit prickly but I loved stroking his quills (they kind of rustled) and watching him run was hysterical.ReplyCancel

  • Julie Zaloudek - I have a soft spot for hedgehogs, too. We had a hedgehog 🦔 named Prickles. His personality was a bit prickly but I loved stroking his quills (they kind of rustled) and watching him run was hysterical!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Treece - I love your little critters. This little hedgehog is one of your cutest little guys. I would love to win your little hedgehog pincushion. Am looking forward to getting a copy of the new All In a Row Again.ReplyCancel

  • Fran Bodle - Love the hedgehog pin cushion and your row. Would love the book. I made Henrietta Whiskers quilt a while back and I love all your designs.ReplyCancel

  • Robbin - The new book is so cute. I love the Hedgehog. I think it would be fun to combine rows from each book. Thanks for the inspiration!ReplyCancel

  • Anne - I love this hedgehog pincushion. If I win, I take care of it, this nice hedgehog will be very happy and me too :D Thanks for a chance to win the pin cushion or the book ;-)ReplyCancel

  • Jayne P - I love the idea of a Row by Row quilt because no matter how many you make they can look completely different every timeReplyCancel

  • Susan S - I like the concept of Row by Row so I’m looking forward to seeing (and maybe winning??) this book. I organize our church quilt group and they could certainly use a hedgehog pin cushion for their charity work! Thanks for the opportunity.ReplyCancel

  • Jody M - The hedgehogs is one of my favorite rows in the book. I’ve made one hedgehog quilt already – but gave it away. Yours would be very happy at my house!ReplyCancel

  • Robyn - I think the hedgehog deserves to be an international traveller and wing his way down under to my house and if the book comes too I could make him some mates from an interesting looking bookReplyCancel

  • Terrie - I Love your row !!! So sew cute. I have first book and can’t wait to get a copy of this one and create some sweet rows !!!
    Would love to have your pincushion as it is the sweetest and would also make the perfect disguise for the chocolate that is never far from the pins one never has enough of either :) Thank you so much for the chance !!!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Marie - What could be more fun than picking a bunch of favorite rows and putting them together in a quilt? This looks like a great book, and your hedgehog is just adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Susie Bidney - You make hedgehogs so cute. Your pincushion would make my granddaughter so happy. I would love to add this book to my sewing library. I plan to make a row quilt for my grandson.ReplyCancel

  • Donna - Your hedgehog is adorable, yes he would make a wonderful pincushion in a place of honor in my sewing room. Love your designs. Thanks for book giveaway, what a wonderful way to have several of my favorite designers work at my finger tips.ReplyCancel

  • Dawn F. - Wow, what a cutie little hedge hog that is! That would make such a cute row. The pin cushion should come to my house, because even though I don’t have heart pins like you do, I will still fill him up with love!ReplyCancel

  • Pati - I saw this book online yesterday and have put it on my “WISH LIST”!
    Yesterday I searched the internet for hours to find the “Best” price so I’m saving up to buy it. I just love the designs inside.

    I had to retire early because of a medical emergency which depleted my savings but thank God I’m alive and able to sew and quilt again. I would love to receive this book.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing <3ReplyCancel

  • Margie - I loved the first book and made a tablerunner from one of the rows. But omg, this book is even cuter! It’s already on my Christmas list (if I don’t win one first)!!ReplyCancel

  • Linda Caldwell - Thanks for the opportunity. Love your hedgehog.ReplyCancel

  • Debbi - My oldest child had an imaginary porcupine friend (named Porcupine which was remarkably literal for an imaginary friend) when she was little. The pincushion would be perfect for her at Christmas – either yours or one that I make using the book!ReplyCancel

  • Bridget Fletcher - I’m a Kiwi living in Australia 🇦🇺
    We have Hedgehogs 🦔 in New Zealand 🇳🇿
    But not in Australia
    If I had a cute Hedgehog pincushion, it would remind me of my BirthplaceReplyCancel

  • Ali - Adorable Hedgehog – he would be well loved here!!!ReplyCancel

  • Marcia A Fette - You always make such cute animals. I also love your muted color choices.ReplyCancel

  • Ann - I love your block! And I don’t have a hedgehog pin cushion and would love to have one on my sewing table!ReplyCancel

    • Nancy C - I love that Hedgehog! And the pincushion is so cute I would love to have him live here! If I don’t win it I will have to make one.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl L Buchanan - Your hedgehog row is so adorable and the pincushion to match is to die for! Can’t wait to try this row!ReplyCancel

  • GloryB - The hedgehog pincushion should come to me because……….
    I like hedgehogs and it is so very cute.ReplyCancel

  • Janet Nykiel - Those sweet critters should come to the Finger Lakes region of New York State to bask in the sun & play on the shores of the lake. Adorable! Thanks, Ann!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa B - The hedgehog pincushion is sew very cute! My grandkids would love seeing it in my sewing area and it would open a discussion about hedgehogs with them! :) Love the Row by Row book too!ReplyCancel

  • Hanke - Love your hedgehog!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Bergt - I think the Hedgehog would love exploring SW Arkansas.
    Love the All in a Row Again book. Can’t wait for the Autumn themed book!!ReplyCancel

  • Judys - What a lot of ideas there are in this book! so many mix and match choices, it’ll be a lot of fun to choose what makes up a personalized quilt for everyone. The hedgehog needs to see what it’s like in another country!ReplyCancel

  • DeAnna Dodson - SQUEE!!!


    That is the cutes little hedgehog ever in the history of ever! He must come and live at my house because I have hedges, and he wouldn’t have to share them at all! :DReplyCancel

  • Judy Buzbi - My kitty would just love the hedgehog pincushion.. he would sit and admire it in my sewing room!! NOT!!ReplyCancel

  • Wendy - Oh my goodness, your row is just too cute! I love hedgehogs. They are just so adorable how can you not love them? My friend and I seek them out where ever we can and then gift them to each other. Your little hedgie will just be delighted to spend time with me in my sewing room. I need someone to keep me company and help me take care of my fabrics. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Rita S - Love your pin cushion. Would love to stick the little guy with pins. LolReplyCancel

  • Susan L. - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you row!!!! Your adorable little hedgehog pincushion should travel to my house because I need a new pet to keep me company while I sew & would take very good care of him.ReplyCancel

  • Lace Faerie - I love the versatility of row quilts. They are so easy to put your own personal flair into the quilt by reordering the rows or mixing and matching different themes! I am looking forward to seeing this new book!

    Hedgehogs are a favorite in our house! When the kids were young, my Mama had a Pygmy Hedgehog name Mrs TiggyWink that was hand raised and loved being entertained by the kids! Ever since, hedgehogs have been a family favorite!ReplyCancel

    • Anne - Lace, you are the winner of one of the All in a Row Again books! I’ll be announcing it on my blog today and sending you an email.ReplyCancel

  • LeAnn - What a cute hedgehog. Thanks for the chance to win.ReplyCancel

  • Sandy May - I have to admit I like the new book even more than the first one. There’s so many great patterns that I wouldn’t know where to start. As for that lovely hedgehog pincushion, she needs to join my tiny stuffed hedgie that I keep on my nightstand (a gift from a dear friend). He has been lonely for many years. A cute girlfriend would cheer him up. swalker287 (at) aol (dot) comReplyCancel

  • Karen - The hedgehog row is my favorite! They are so happy and playful.ReplyCancel

  • Lois Capper - Would love a copy of this adorable new book. So many hours of fun await! And your little hedgehog would be right at home in Arkansas. Thank youReplyCancel

  • Kd Brown - Another great book and giveaway! Totally love your hedgehogs…they rock!ReplyCancel

  • Kim Powers - Of course you had critters and creatures! You do them so very well, Anne! I have many, many of your patterns and I’ve even finished quite a few quilts from them. I love your row and your hedgehog pincushion. Thank you for giving us such darling designs.ReplyCancel

  • Jean Gerretsen - My e-mail address is, what more can I say, I love hedgehogs. They are cutest things.ReplyCancel

  • Wendy Forbes - Would not expect you to have any other section and I would love the book but more so the hedgehog pincushion to go with my woodlands quilt. Here is Australia we may not have hedgehogs but echidnas instead which are similar.ReplyCancel

  • Joanne Moore - I would love to win this book! I have not ventured
    Into rowing yet! I’ve loved the patterns shown so far. If I win the pincushion
    Be at peace knowing she will keep company with
    My bunny hill hedgehog I made a while back and I will not stick her with pins!ReplyCancel

  • M chandler - I’ve never made a row by row quilt, but I’m excited to give it a try. This book looks so fun.ReplyCancel

  • Judi - I love the first book and can’t wait for the new one. I think the little hedgehog pin cushion would love living in my house. He would perfectly match the lovely quilts( yes 2 new granddaughters) Quikts being made.ReplyCancel

  • Janan Doster - I love that little Hedgehog and I collect pin cushions! I am sure it would be right at home in my collection. I have Book 1 and would love to have Book 2!!ReplyCancel

  • Naomi G - This book looks amazing! And your little hedgie is super cute!ReplyCancel

  • Lori Michel - I have never participated in a row by row quilt along but that cute camper can be parked in my sewing room to inspire me….ReplyCancel

  • Deb - I have the first book and would love to add this book to it. I love all the rows pictured so far. Your hedgehog row looks just like a Bunny hill design. I love it.ReplyCancel

  • Baa. xxx - Dear Hedgie, you need to come live with us over the ocean waves because we would love you so!ReplyCancel

  • Ann W - Love all the rows so far in the new Row by Row book! Your hedgehog Run row is so cute! Would love for Hedgie to come and meet my Owlie pin cushion!ReplyCancel

  • Shirley - Pick me please! Love the cover of the book. So many ideas flowing.ReplyCancel

  • Barbara Spurr - So cute!! I need a new pet!! Why not a hedgehog??ReplyCancel

  • Jo Barr - I love your hedgehog it is so cute. I am looking forward to this book I have not done a row quilt before and I can already picture a few table runners also.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Hulen - I love the hedgehog pin cushion. Your lovely pin cushion should come home with me because the only pin cushion I have is a tomato. I would give this adorable hedgehog a good home.ReplyCancel

  • Janet T - Cute hedgehog! Thank you for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Kathy Leake - The hedgehog pincushion should come to my house because it is so darn cute. Like you, I have a soft spot for hedgehogs. Thanks for the opportunity to win.ReplyCancel

  • Danette Roundy - Love it!!! Can’t wait to dive in!!🏊🏼‍♀️ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - What a great new book! I love rows, having participated in the Row x Row Experience…fun details in so many different rows! And your hedgehog is sweet!!ReplyCancel

  • Helen Barry - I would love to win this book so I can make your hedgehog row into a sideboard runner. My daughter and I are mad about hedgehogs, having fostered a couple of sick hedgies through our wet, miserable winters. They are considered a pest here in New Zealand, and some sickos actually try to run them over if they see one on the road. It’s very hard to let them go after nurturing them for a few months, never knowing what’s become of them.ReplyCancel

  • JulieG-AZ - Cute hedgehog row! Can’t wait to get my copy of this book!ReplyCancel

  • Margaret Mead - I think the hedgehog should go to Sarah, who was mentioned in Janet Hoonards post. Very thoughtful on Janets part. I would love it if the book could come my way. Can’t wait to try the patterns. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Mary P - i have the first book. What a clever way to build a quilt– row by row , mix and match different designers! i would love to have the second one too! like you said, the more the merrier!

    p.s. i think your hedgehog needs to come and hang out with the prairie dogs in west Texas for a spell!ReplyCancel

  • Patricia Godkin - I bought All in a Row Again just to make Anne’s hedgehog row!
    Really love the hedgehog pin cushion.

  • Cheryl Warstler - I Love your hedgehog row so, so much. He should come to my house because he can help me recover from missing my kitty….and everyone loves San Diego! Actually, I’m just hoping to get lucky.ReplyCancel

  • Kathy Conway - I have the first book and love it! This would be a great addition to it, twice as many things to sew! The hedgehog is adorable and would love to come live in my sewing room!ReplyCancel

  • Catherine - Greetings from Northern Saskatchewan Canada!!
    We love ALL things bunny hill up north!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!ReplyCancel

  • Terri - Love the rows designs, and they have given me great ideas to make wonderful Project Linus quilts.ReplyCancel

  • Lynn - Not only are hedgehogs are delicious chocolates now they have become quilt stars. So adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Joani - Henry or is it Henrietta? Hedgehog is bringing a teeny bouquet of lovely bright flowers to a new friend. How I hope that new friend is me!😉
    I have long admired your bunnies who have so many whimsical and delightful adventures! My husband is on hospice here at home would be so cheered by Henry/Henrietta Hedgehog!
    Thank you for all you do! JoaniReplyCancel

    • Anne - Joani, You are the winner of the Hedgehog pincushion! I’ll be posting your name on my blog today and I’ll email you to get your address. Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Donna - Love it!ReplyCancel

  • Christi - Just plain too sweet for words.ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - Such a happy book! Fun inspiration! Love your pincushion!ReplyCancel

  • Darlene Slocum - That little hedgehog would certainly make me smile every day. He is cute as can be. The looks very interesting, too.ReplyCancel

  • Patsy - I loved the first Row book; still go back to it now and then. I think the second volume would be a wonderful mate for the first edition. The pin cushion is to die for. That little hedgehog is adorable and would find a friends here in my pin cushion collection alongside the adorable Scottie dog ones I made from your pattern. I hope I’m the winner.ReplyCancel

  • Chris - The All in a Row book two looks great! I like the hedgehog row you created. The pincushion is a terrific addition! Thx for the opportunity to win a wonderful prize!ReplyCancel

  • Little Quiltsong - Love Row Along Quilts, and how you can sew just 1 Row at a time – lay aside and keep going before putting it all together. The little hedgehog pin cushion is so, so sweet, and would make a wonderful addition to my other 3 special ones that I have!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - Love your little hedgehog! My daughter’s third grade teacher had hedgehogs in their classroom many, many years ago and they were just the cutest things! I have and love the first book and this one looks just as cute!ReplyCancel

  • Sue Cahill - I would love to own this book, looks like endless inspiration! And your lovely little hedgehog pincushion would make me smile every time I walked in my sewing room no matter how crazy my day. Thanks for the chance.ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Brewer - Love the pincushion and the book is on my Christmas list. Please make the pincushion into a pattern!!ReplyCancel

  • Norma Mossburg - Hedgehogs… adorable! I have been hooked on your fabrics and designs since Rabbits Love Chocolate applique.
    Keep ’em coming!ReplyCancel

  • Allison Evrard - Your hedhehogs are adorable! Just so happens I need a new pincushion ;)ReplyCancel

  • Susan Smith - That little hedgehog told me that he wants to live on our farm!!! He needs to come help me with my quilts. I loved rowing along with the first book, can’t wait to get a copy of vol 2 to continue rowing!ReplyCancel

  • Judy W. - CUTE little hedgehog!!!ReplyCancel

  • Anita K - Hedgehogs are just soo cute! Good Luck Everyone!ReplyCancel

  • Karen McMahon - I think your hedgehog pin cushion is adorable. I would love it in my sewing room. I am looking forward to seeing the All in a Row book. Your hedgehog row is so sweet and fun. Thanks for the chance to win.ReplyCancel

  • Susan Riley - Adorable! I love these kinds of projects because you literally MUST dip into your stash! SusanReplyCancel

  • Linda W - Sew adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Maria Elena Blecha - Oh my!!!!!! I have been wanting a hedgehog for a while now, my grandbaby Alyssa who will be 15 on the 20th also wants one!! I promise to take care and feed the hedgehog! Love the book too by the way. I think I should get the pincushion since my birthday is on the 25th!!!!!What a great Thanksgiving and birthday present to me! ThanksReplyCancel

  • Sue Parks - Love the row books and strive to sew them. Your little hedgie is sew cute. I love him to pieces and he could come live in my sewing room and be friends with my chicken pin cushion.
    Smiles, SueReplyCancel

  • Karen in Breezy Point - Your row is too cute—hedgehogs jumping rope!!!! Adorable! They really are the cutest little critters except for bunnies if course!ReplyCancel

  • Terri - I think it is adorable these row quilts people are putting together. InspiringReplyCancel

  • Linda K - Every time I’ve been fabric shopping and see a hedgehog design I HAVE to buy at least a little bit! They just make me smile! And jump roping!! Oh my, how cute!ReplyCancel

  • Shirley Mann - I actually saw a live hedgehog while traveling with my husband in Italy. I was so surprised how small it was! Your design is just as cute as the real thing! ShirleyReplyCancel

  • Darlene B - I have the first Row book and love it. I also just appliqued hedgehogs on a tea towel. I think I need the pincushion to bring hedgehogs into another room!ReplyCancel

  • Lynn S - Hedgehogs seem like fun little,fascinating creatures to easily add a smile to a sewing room. What a treasure to receive!ReplyCancel

  • Sally Hurst - The darling hedgehog pin cushion is to die for. I’ve followed your blog for years and enjoyed making some of your projects, but I won’t have much time to see for awhile as our daughter is expecting twins very soon.ReplyCancel

  • joan - Hedgehogs are always welcome at my house! Love your row and pincushion too!ReplyCancel

  • Helen G - I want the book just to have the pattern for the hedgehog so I could make a pincushion too! I love your row and the Blackbird Designs row as well.ReplyCancel

  • tonia conner - Your row as adorable, I’m sure hoping to win this book during this inspiring hop. I too wish to have the little pincushion. And according to all these reply’s everyone loves it. You did the good. 8-)ReplyCancel

  • Jacob - Love the hedgehog. That is so funny and cute, made me laugh in a good wayReplyCancel

  • Jolie - Aww! A hedgehog! I love these guys! I have yet to make one as anything, pillow, pin cushion etc. I love the idea of a row of them!ReplyCancel

  • Beth T. - My niece just moved to Anchorage, AK and I’m thinking of starting a row exchange with her. Winning this book would be a good place to start!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Stanton - This new book looks awesome! I have the first one and using rows from both books would be really neat. So glad the second one came out too!ReplyCancel

  • Ruth Arrowsmith - I made the hedge hog baby quilt for my granddaughter. I love to collect pincushions, hope I win. Thanks your designs are darling.ReplyCancel

  • Janet Beyea - I also love hedgehogs and love your row. I never imagined them playing jump rope. Cute!ReplyCancel

  • Liz Engman - Hedgehogs jumping rope–too cute! I’m not really much of a “critter” fan, but these critters may change my mind.ReplyCancel

  • Cathy B. - Your hedgehogs are ADORABLE! Quite possibly my fav row in the entire book!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Griffith - Your little hedgehogs are so darn cute. My son and his wife have a pet hedgehog and they really are the cutest little things. Thanks for the chance to win!ReplyCancel

  • christine - I have never heard of a row quilt, being new to quilting I feel that it would be an easier to work with this concept. Thanks for the inspiration.ReplyCancel

  • Colleen - Hedgehogs are my favourite! Your pincushion would sit in my sewing room, enjoying daily visits from deer and other wildlife. He would fit right in!ReplyCancel

  • Barb K. - Love that little hedgehog–he would be so happy at my home!!

  • Anne Manly - This reminded me of my first hedgehog encounter – those kids were so enthralled with them and had built the cutest play-area for them. I loved holding them in my hands – they were so amazing – I couldn’t imagine them as a pet but they were so well-loved. A row quilt showing them playing and having a happy life would be so sweet.ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn S - Love the hedgehogs – they are darling!ReplyCancel

  • Karen - I collect handmade hedgehog items. The pincushion would have a very good home here, and the book would be appreciated and used as well. Thanks for sharing your talents!ReplyCancel

  • susan - Such a cute design. Thank you for all the inspiration!ReplyCancel

  • Sherry Stevens - I have book one and love it. I am putting book 2 on my Christmas list, if I can wait that long. I love your hedgehog row and that little pincushion is soooo cute!ReplyCancel

  • MoeWest - This hedgehog row is one of my favourites from this book! And now that I’ve seen your pin cushion, I’m in love with that too!ReplyCancel

  • Gail K - My puppies have a collection of hedgehog toys ~ hedgies. I would love to have my very own 🤗ReplyCancel

  • Darrell H. - What a cute pin cushion.. can always use a new one to use in another room in the house. dquilterguy48329 (at) prodigy (dot) netReplyCancel

  • Lee - So many sweet rows! My daughter adores hedgehogs and has started sewing – I would love this for her! Adorable design!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - I have a friend who is graduating next spring and loves hedgehogs. If I won the pin cushion, it would definitively go to her!ReplyCancel

  • Laura M - I’d love the hedgehog pin cushion to give as a gift to a friend who absolutely loves hedgehogs.ReplyCancel

  • Gina - I couldn’t wait – I’ve already bought the book! …And your adorable hedgehog row was the one that made me hit the purchase button too! :) My husband loves hedgehogs, so he agreed I needed this book, lol My books just arrived today (got the volume 1 from 2015 at the same time), and they are so worth purchasing! They are both filled with so many adorable designs, and I just can’t wait to start something, but with so many choices it’s hard to decide. But definitely the hedgehogs will be in my row quilt somewhere for sure!!!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Sender - Oh, your hedgehog is so cute. I know he’d love to sit by my sewing machine and keep me company!!ReplyCancel

  • Karen O - I just saw an adorable video of somebody tickling a hedgehog. I would love to have your adorable pincushion to remind me of this! Great row, thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Marilyn - The book looks wonderful!
    I would love to do a camping quilt for my nephew and his wife.
    I also love Hedgehogs too!!

    • Anne - Marilyn, You are a winner of one of the books! Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Diane Beavers - Anne, thank for rowing alog and the cuteness of your Hedgehog.
    SHe could travel to me to gift a friend, whom is a teacher with long days and smiles and laughs at anything hedge-hogish. I’m actually quilting a small planner cover for her and the pinnie would be most welcome in her quilty room.ReplyCancel

  • Antigone - Oh, they both look gorgeous!!! i would love to have a copy of the 2nd book (I lived the first one) and the hedgehog is so cuteeeee.ReplyCancel

  • Diane N - The hedgehogs are so cute. My pincushion collection includes handknit Hugo the Hippo and Myrtle the Turtle amoung others, so a darling little hedgehog would be right at home! Love the book 📚 and the creativity in all the rows!ReplyCancel

  • Joan M - I could add the cute hedgehog to my pincushion collection. Thank you for the chance to win.ReplyCancel

  • Piroska - The book looks fantastic! AS for the little hedgehog, well, I love hedgehogs, especially cute ones!ReplyCancel

  • Diane - I love hedgehogs and your pattern is so cute! I have a birthday this week so the little hedgehog should come to my house and help me eat Birthday cake!ReplyCancel

  • Gail - The hedge hog row is on of the cutest. Love the colors.ReplyCancel

  • Camille Venners - Oh, the hedgehogs are so cute and are ideal stitched in the pink and brown prints. I would be delighted to have the hedgehog pin cushion next to my sewing machine! It would make me smile each time I sit down to sew.ReplyCancel

  • Cathy Smith - My daughter loves hedgehogs. She would love this!ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Your hedgehog row is adorable. I need the pincushion because……ok I dont NEED it but I really, really, really want it! <3ReplyCancel

  • Patricia Phaiah - I love how the hedgehog sits on the flowered fabric. It makes it look like it is in a bed of flowers. Love it. It would have an honored space in my studio. Also I can’t wait for the all in a row blog hop.ReplyCancel

  • Mary Jane - Your hedgehog is adorable and will have a good home here and I promise not to stab him with pins!ReplyCancel

  • Pauline - Adorable Anne! I would be thrilled if your Miss Hedgehog pincushion was picked to travel northeast to Canada. I have the perfect place for her in Wellesley ON…she is a sweet one!

    My All in a Row Again Book is on order, It will probably be waiting for me when I visit friends in Michigan next week. Thank you Anne, for continuing to inspire the quilting community. 🤗ReplyCancel

  • Paulette - I have this book on my Santa Wish List. LOVE the hedgehogs, and the camper row….and…..ReplyCancel

  • Toni Anne Potter - Your hedgehog is just too cute! I bought he 1st All in a Row book as soon as I could, it’s one of my favorites. I expect this one to be wonderful also, how can it not be with all the great designers.ReplyCancel

  • A. Bouwman - I would love to win the book since i love hedgehogs. I live in a town so do not see them often but during camping trips hedgehogs have visited the tent on more then one occasion.ReplyCancel

  • Janet - Well sadly to say, I thought the end of all the contests was the weekend after Thanksgiving!! This was my first year, so I as unsure how it went…had a hard time maneuvering around at first… but got the hang of it! So sorry Imissed… but thank you for being a part of such a wonderful thing! I adore yourHedgehog Row… when I learned there were critterssdction, I knew my favorite sectionalready… have always been animal crazy! Have been a wildlife animal rehabilitatior for 20 plus years, repairing them, getting the sick or orphaned strong enough to live on their own… so that was año brained!
    Thank you for a great creation…
    although thecontest is over, your hedgehog 🦔 needed to find her way into my home, to join my meanagerie of all the other animal thingsI have…bunny pin cushion, frog, & a bear, plus a goose! I want more, but gotta get right patterns… thank you again. Sorry for being late.ReplyCancel

  • Shawnee H - I love your creative design. Hedgies are soooo cute!ReplyCancel

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