It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post, I feel like I owe you a BUNCH of fun!  So here it goes, are you ready?  Click on the link below, give it a few minutes to load, and you can see all the new market lines and fun things from Moda!  I hope this works for everyone.  Let me know if it doesn’t, and I’ll try to help.  There are 96 pages so get ready!

Moda Catalog Fall 2017


Did you see the two new Moda designers?  And how about all that fun stuff toward the back of the catalog?  And Janet Clare’s new line with the dollhouse pillow panel?  It looks to me like 2018 is going to be an enjoyable year!

I’ve been busy finishing up my new patterns for Cottontail Cottage. I’ll be putting them on the website on November 5th. Since my Cottontail Cottage fabric is a Spring line, it’s also perfect for Easter that happens in 2018 on April 1st.  You may want to start preparing the applique templates for our mini quilts, so you’ll be ready when the fabric ships in January.  Remember, if you’ve pre-ordered a Cottontail Cottage kit, your pattern is included in the kit.  I’ll also be doing a few kits for the new minis!

I’ve got a new petite pattern coming out on Sunday that may be the perfect thing for someone’s Christmas gift.  It’s called Gingerbread Christmas and it’s quick and easy with fusible, blanket stitch applique.  We’ve made up kits that have everything you need (pattern included).  Just add the pillow form.  The pattern is $5.99 and the kits will be $22.95 and include the pattern.

There’s so much else to catch up on.  I’ll be back soon I promise.


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