I can’t believe it, but here we are at the final block of our Sugar Plum Stocking Treats quilt! Today you’ll get block twelve along with the border applique and finishing instructions.  It’s time to finish this quilt and put it all together!  Merry Christmas everyone, Santa put Christmas trees in our stocking.  It’s time to decorate the trees!

Block Twelve

Here’s block twelve in my Sugar Plum Christmas fabric…


And finally, I can show you the finished quilt!  This time it’s an actual photo taken by my wonderful photographer Gregory Case.  I hope you can see the quilting because my quilter, Becky Hubel has done a fantastic job!

Here are the final instructions for finishing your quilt!

Finishing Instructions

It’s been a wonderful 12 weeks with all of you and I hope you’ve enjoyed them.  We’ll leave the patterns up on our website through the end of the year, but download them now while you’re thinking of it.  Have fun finishing your quilt!

Hugs to you all!



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