It wouldn’t be Christmas without a poinsettia or two.  These beautiful flowers fill the season with color, beauty and always remind me of Christmas.  I had to include one in our stocking quilt!

Block ten is a simple block, but sometimes it’s good to have simple!  You should be able to finish this one quickly.  Don’t worry if your points don’t meet in the center in absolute perfection because you’ll be sewing 3 buttons to the center after your quilting is complete.

Block Ten

Here’s block ten in my Sugar Plum Christmas fabric.  This was actually the first block I designed for this quilt.  It wasn’t until I had all the blocks finished that I decided where they would be placed in the quilt.  If you’re using a different fabric than me, I suggest laying your blocks out on a design wall or floor.  Use the stocking fabric as your placement guide because it’s the dominant piece in each block.  When you’re happy with the placement, snap a picture.  The picture will help you to see if any of your blocks need to be moved.

And here is block ten in our quilt! Only two more blocks to go!

I hope you find some time this weekend to make block ten!


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