Block Three, Christmas Penguin!  

Block Three

We have a simple block this week, so you should be able to finish quickly. The embroidery is easy and only requires a back stitch and satin stitch. The penguin’s eyes are small and can easily satin stitched without outlining first. The mouth is larger so outlining with a tiny back stitch will give it a little “padding” and hide the outside of your satin stitch. Don’t skip this outlining step if you want your stitches to look nice and even.

Here’s how the quilt looks with block three added.  Remember, there are still nine blocks to go.  You just never know what Santa will leave in a stocking.

Here’s block three in fabric!


Kits on special

We’ve put our Sugar Plum Stocking Treats Kit on sale! If you haven’t started our mystery quilt, there’s plenty of time to catch up, and our kit makes it easy. All the fabric you need for the quilt top packaged into one easy kit, with labels to help you separate them for cutting and sewing.  We’re only on our third block, so there’s still plenty of time to make this cute quilt before Christmas! Embellishment kits and Cosmo Floss kits sold separately.


Cute stockings are starting to show up on Instagram under the #sugarplumstockingtreats.   Be sure and post your blocks to Instagram using #sugarplumstockingtreats and #bunnyhilldesigns.  Show us what you’ve made so far!  It’s so much fun to share.

Next week we’ll feature the first of our design contest winner’s blocks!  I can’t wait to share it with you!


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