Block #2 Sugar Plum Stocking Treats!

Wish on a star, and you just might find one in your Christmas stocking!  And of course who wouldn’t love to find this sweet little owl standing next to that stocking?  She’s wishing on a star, and wearing her Santa hat at the same time!

Block Two

Here’s the quilt showing the addition of block number two!

…and here’s block two done in fabric…

Do you have a favorite method of applique that you love?  Regardless of the applique method you prefer, points can sometimes be a bit intimidating.  I draw my star points with slightly wider tips so it will be easier to turn under the extra fabric.   I’ve included a PDF below with a few tips on applique points.

Applique Points

I hope you’ve finished those alternate blocks, or at least you’re thinking about them.  If you haven’t printed a new page 2 from block one, make sure you do, because the directions have been updated.

Have a great week and let me know if you have any questions.

Bunny Hugs,


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