I knew most of you are talented and good at applique, but I had no idea how many of you are such good designers!  The blocks coming in for my stocking contest are so good I’m going to have to have a committee to help me choose just 3.  Think about it, the stockings are fairly small, about the size of what you might hang on a tree, and the entire block is only 8″ finished!  But what this group has filled them with amazes me!

Here are a few that just came in.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Julie’s Gingerbread Man


Getting Ready from Lori Weigel


@sewswithcat from Instagram


Lori’s Puppy


Snow Globe from @patchworkprincess on Instagram


Charlotte’s Block (also from Instagram)


Look at that little snowman block from a little girl named Charlotte!  I don’t know what’s more precious, her or her block!

Now, do you see what my challenge is?   Just think, you still have 1 1/2 weeks to send me yours!   There are around 30 entries now so that would make your chance of winning 1 in 30!  This is l going to end with so much fun for all of us!  Let’s go you applique lovers!  You can do this!


Cheering you on this week!


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